Friends with benefits

Some people might remember earlier in the year I was helping to organise a Serious Bondage party at a fetish club we know here in the UK. A video of the party is up  on Serious Images this week. What follows in this post is a sneak-peak! 

Those of you who are members  of Serious Images I hope you enjoy the party video, those of you who aren’t – well you’ll just need to think about joining!

I really enjoyed the party. Not only did we have Mark of Serious Bondage and his lovely assistant Petgirl_kako over, we also had in attendance world-famous bondage model Elise Graves. More than that, a lot of our local friends travelled down to MARS for the party, as well as a whole host of kinky people we hadn’t met before!

One of the highlights as the party was getting warmed up was Grimly tying up Elise with rope. If you read here often you will know WE DON’T DO ROPE! But, a snarky comment from Elise resulted in this –

sb - 1

Meanwhile our friends bound in latex had some fun in the rubber fun doing some very British bondage in a sleepsack they have made themselves. The mask shown is a pretty rare gas mask. I want one!

sb2 - 1

There was a great deal of kink going on and I don’t want to spoil the video by sharing too much, but amongst other things there was people being put in the vac cube, people being pallet wrapped and multiple people in straitjackets and other assorted bondage!

Here’s me with my friends Petgirl_Kako and my lovely friend Daedae who came over from Belgium to be with us!

sb2 - 1 (1)

One of the other highlights shown in the video is Elise and Petgirl_Kako wrapping someone in clingfilm and hanging them upside down in a cocoon!

All in all it was a great party and the video will show just how much was going on, lots of people doing their own thing, interacting with each other and just generally how a bdsm party should be in my mind. Especially one with a very distinctive bondage theme to it which is quite rare.

Enjoy the video if you’re a member of Serious Images. They’re coming back in a few weeks to do some more shoots with us so watch this space!

Also my next post may well follow the theme from MARS…. to OUTER SPACE!

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