Toil and Trouble!

Happy Halloween!

These pictures were taken at an event in the North of Scotland that Grimly and I attended in September. I thought I’d save them for Halloween!

For anyone who might be interested in attended events in Scotland, the event was a sort of kinky conference held in a very big holiday cottage near Inverness. Probably around 30 people attended over the course of the weekend, and there was all manner of things going on including a few demo’s one of those being Grimly’s electro demo, which went really well. Probably what made it cool was that a lovely couple from England did the catering for the whole weekend for the entire gang and it was just great food and great company!

There was also a really cool play party, but we managed to sneak away from it for a bit to take these photos!

ha - 1

ha - 1 (2)

4 thoughts on “Toil and Trouble!

  1. Hi This-Girl !

    In Scotland you visit Stonehenge too ?
    In your Latex-Rubber-Outfit ?

    Greetings from Cologne, Stephan

  2. Stonehenge is down in England and quite far away from us. I’d love to visit there but I think there is too much security to wear latex there!

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