Do my bidding!

The picture below has been painted in support of Macmillan Cancer Support. It has been painted by a friend LatlArt who’s work some of you may be familiar with (He previously did a lovely painting of me in a straitjacket still adorned on my living room wall and seen by my Mum!)

He sought the permission of Ms Bianca Beauchamp to create a unique oil painting of her, which I’m pleased to say has turned out very nicely and I’ll be bidding on it myself!

The auction is for a one off oil painting of Bianca Beauchamp
Ebay details :
and includes a signed autograph from Bianca obtained on behalf of the artist at a recent Fetish event in Manchester thanking you for your support of MacMillan. I’d add Bianca approved the picture and is advertising it on Facebook and twitter, so please bid or comment or love my posts on this to help awareness!

I am covering the postage cost, but if a kinkster I know wins I’ll try and deliver it to you personally if I can (time and location permitting) otherwise it will be sent by courier to the winner (in the UK) or sent tracked international delivery if you’re in the USA.
Good luck with the auction.

Macmillian is a UK based cancer support charity specialising in providing nurses to help with cancer care and to provide support for patient’s families. I’m sure many of you will have friends or relatives touched by cancer so please consider supporting their efforts by grabbing yourself a fantastically kinky artwork.Your bid will make me and the artist very happy!

Please support this wonderful charity and obtain yourself a unique artwork of a popular model!

3 thoughts on “Do my bidding!

  1. my own efforts are just through the eBay listing, though if you want to donate to MacMillan a google of MacMillan cancer support will find the details. I don’t want to post a direct link to the charity in case they then get loads of hits from my blog and i’m not sure their webmasters would like it if you know what I mean LOL

    There’s a number of uk events for macmillan on 26.09 a look on their website will find your local ones…its mostly coffee mornings and the like but some areas do more than that 🙂

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