Lovely weather for ducks!

I’m very behind with writing here, and a bit out-of-order with some of the things that have happened but no matter! Back in June, Grimly and I went to DV8 Fetish Festival in Kent on what was, probably, our summer. Since, it was the hottest day probably of the year, and we’ve not really had a summer at all here in Scotland, although hopefully there is still time!

Grimly had a stall at the fair for his business lockedforinfinity and it did reasonably well, but given how hot it was most people were outside in the woodland area the venue has enjoying the sun. Stupidly, I wore my Silk Spectre outfit and melted in latex! Strangely, it seems whenever I wear this outfit it is the hottest weather in memory…maybe I should wear it this weekend!

While in Kent, I got to see our lovely friends Trinity pup and Singleglove, but unfortunately I have no photos of them to show off 😦 but very fun memories!

Here in the UK we now have weather warnings, again, for storms, floods, lightning and God knows what. Better weather for latex really since at least it’s waterproof 😉


5 thoughts on “Lovely weather for ducks!

  1. Well, it certainly is a very hot outfit … If the weather effect is reliable, perhaps there’s a kinky business opportunity there: tether you near eager sunbathers or other weather-dependent activities for a small fee to guarantee plenty of sun!

    (Talk of flooding around here in particular – Perth’s always been notorious for that of course. Fingers crossed for more latex and less weather that needs it!)

  2. Believe you me J.C. ‘this girl’ is better looking in the flesh 🙂

    My better half is full of goo at the moment so no hoods/latex for us until she can breathe properly again !!!

  3. I think you just hit on one of the reasons Kink is more prevalent in the more northern climes!

  4. I looked at the photo before reading and was just about to say you looked like Silk Spectre, so I guess it’s spot on!

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