Green day

I’m very behind with my blog! Although I’ve been having fun I’ve just sort of lost the inclination to share as much due to being quite busy both with kink and non-kink things.  Though hopefully we are now having a quieter and slightly less busy time so perhaps I’ll get caught up eventually so please don’t give up on me just yet 😉

On Saturday, Grimly and I and our friends boundinlatex went to a summer BBQ at another friend’s place and had our own mini-garden party there. The BBQ was sort of rained off as it was quite wet, but luckily we were water-proof! Once we’d eaten, we could therefore have a bit of fun!

I’d kind of thought it would be fun for us to go all festival-y with wellies and summery so the pictures are the results of that. The title of this post however is inspired by a friend who likes latex and the titled band lol. He knows who he is I’m sure!

I mucked up a little since I took this mask, instead of another green one we have which I think would have looked better.  Whilst I like this one it is very old! Though sometimes with gas masks that is both an advantage and disadvantage since some of the more interesting collectors’ ones are war-time era. 🙂


The wellies though were definitely a good idea in the wet grass and I lent a friend of ours my latex rainwear cape 🙂


We had a bit of fun hiding from Grimly as well, though perhaps we weren’t that great at it since its quite disorientating running through fields in latex, wellies and gas masks after eating a full meal and downing a few glasses of wine!

Best thing to do therefore seemed to be to lie down and watch the world go by – at least until it started raining!


and shiny hugs of course…


3 thoughts on “Green day

  1. Yay! Your blog is back- Looks like a brilliant day. Hope you had as much fun as it sounds.

  2. A wonderful set of pictures. It looked like such a happy day. My idea of heaven!

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