Blondes have more fun?

Recently,Sophie asked “are you licensed to drive the Chair, or would you have to hand her over to Grimly’s tender care? It looks a bit complicated and we blonde women drivers are . . .well . . .so blonde. Men don’t like to lend us their machinery, do they..”

Well, like I said in my comment, I’m not blonde. I’m brunette (though sometimes red). Although, my friend Goldilocks here is most definitely a blonde bombshell!

These photos were taken a few months ago when she and her boyfriend DespicableC came for a visit as a warm-up to the shoot we did with them for Serious Images.

Anyway, from these pictures you’ll see the short answer to ‘can you drive the chair’ is YES. And, unlike my beloved husband I can multitask and do a ‘torture the girl and the boyfriend on the side’  😉


I think a lot can be learnt from being a sub/bottom/masochist that can be then applied to being a dom/top/sadist, since you have the benefit of knowing how things feel and therefore relating to what the person is subjected to. Grimly tries a lot of things on himself, so likewise he understands what sensations are like and what happens, and neither I nor Grimly would do anything to each other or anyone else that we didn’t understand the sensations or implications of. Since I’ve been in the chair many many times and also watched Grimly when he’s explained it to people I’m quite able to put someone in it also, and have, including friends like Dolly,JG Leathers and here Goldilocks. Though I had given C a turn last year too.

Here, Goldilocks’ breathing is controlled whilst she is in turn subjected to the vacuum cups and internal e-stim and the eroscillator (which she loved so much she’s gone and bought her own!) whilst her boyfriend is electrocuted and vibrated in the confines of a sleepsack and only able to look on to try and peep on the action. I felt rather sorry for him although not that much, since I had a much better view! I like playing with them since just watching them enjoying what the other is being tormented to is rather delicious, especially because Goldilocks has a bit of a sadistic streak and loves C being uncomfortable! She giggled rather a lot as things got more intense but I’m not sure if that was from what was happening to her that was just triggering that reaction or what was happening to him. Though, the giggles sort of eventually turned into screams 😉

Anyway, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


5 thoughts on “Blondes have more fun?

  1. Oooh. This looks great.

    Sorry for suggesting you’re a blonde. Obviously a blonde moment.


  2. Sophie, you’re forgiven 😉

    Henry, its her boyfriend.

    spookyskeptic, you could well be right there 😉

  3. Yes agree with spooky as also ime and tg. brunettes are wonderfully more sadistic than blondes anyways……redheads maybe not!

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