Sleep over

I realised this morning that I hadn’t posted these pictures we took of our new latex sleepsack from TLC designs. Even though we got it in March…oops!


The sleepsack has been made-to-measure to roughly my size but with a bit of flexibility to it so it will also fit people a bit bigger and a bit smaller. It’s got a rear zip and internal rubber sleeves so once you’re laying down in it there really is no escape and it’s totally like being in a rubber sleeping bag 🙂

Of course, Grimly doesn’t believe in one form of bondage being *enough* so he added straps and our new US navy gas mask. This is a circa WW2 mask, but its still very nice and fun to use! Although, it seems here it has a tendency to get a bit steamed up!


I’ll probably be taking this sleepsack along with us to Rubbered Up North where TLC designs has a stall, right next to Grimly’s leather gear. I think Rubbered Up North is going to be an absolutely fantastic event. If you live within travelling distance of Manchester/Liverpool you should check it out!


2 thoughts on “Sleep over

  1. Lovely sleep sack.. Making me want to get one in latex to go with my leather ones.

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