The electric chair

I’ve written another article for Serious Bondage. This time it is about ‘the chair‘.

Regular readers possibly know quite a bit about it already, but its a summary of how its evolved with some contributions from friends. So, even if you’ve seen the pictures before it might help explain a bit more of the finer detail! I hope you enjoy it!

Grimly has modified the chair a little more recently, and here’s one of the latest pictures. He’s now added a built in computer monitor! You can read some more about this in the article, and also check out Elise Graves in the chair on Serious Images!

More developments coming soon!


8 thoughts on “The electric chair

  1. I loved the article. It was very well written and made me want a ride in the chair!

  2. Thank you for a fascinating, beautifully illustrated article on that exceptional web site!!! 🙂

  3. anneoMalley be careful what you wish for.

    Thanks Carl, please do check out the other articles on there especially anything written by the lovely recently married Daltonott 🙂

  4. The Serious Images videos on Elise Graves, Grimly and the Chair are amazing

  5. Anne, hasn’t had a chair ride yet Mrs. Fiendish? Sounds like a vital element has been kept out of her training ;-O

  6. I enjoyed your article – very interesting and informative.

    Ref Anne OMalley’s request. If you were to choose to give her what she wants, are you licensed to drive the Chair, or would you have to hand her over to Grimly’s tender care? It looks a bit complicated and we blonde women drivers are . . .well . . .so blonde. Men don’t like to lend us their machinery, do they..

    ‘My girlfriend doesn’t believe in using fifth gear, she doesn’t check the oil, it didn’t have that scratch when she borrowed it’. F**** you, Boyfriend. I’ll buy my own equipment and drive it how I like. I might even buy my own boyfrirend and drive him how I like . . .

  7. Robin, thanks for your comment 🙂

    Tim, her training is my business I think you’ll find!

    Sophie, watch this space. You are SO wrong. I’m not blonde.

  8. Love that. Not blonde – good for you! My hair is blonde but I’m proud of it – I have a brain and a mind of my own. Blondeism should be criminalised.

    So . . . I’m watching this space. Keep up the good work.


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