The interview

Today Serious Images have posted an interview they did with Grimly when they were visiting us in March.

Check it out – here.


“We are proud to present this highly unique video. This is an interview with Grimly Feendish (FetLife) and a tour of his secret attic playroom. Grimly is a talented inventor with skills to make and build his own kinky gear. In this one-hour video we talk with Grimly in his home living room and then follow him upstairs where he shows us a hatch in the ceiling. After opening the hatch door a ladder drops down and we climb up to the hidden attic dungeon where all kinds of toys are available to entertain and torment his guests. Unbelievable! Grimly’s setup is what we all dream about owning ourselves – a secret playroom which is hidden from visiting family and nosy neighbors. Grimly’s playroom is like something out of the movies and our hats off to him for all the time and energy he put into making this secret room a reality. A special thanks to Grimly for this special interview and tour. This is definitely the real deal! Check out Grimly’s retail shop at Grimly Feendish can be contacted on FetLife under the same name.”

I hope you enjoy the video, it takes an hour so perhaps grab yourself a coffee if you’re going to watch it! Though, this is on average how long it takes us to show someone around what we have here and to pull stuff out of all the hidden drawers and cupboards. Longer if they get distracted and try stuff! lol

I’m sorry there haven’t been any updates here lately, and I’m especially sorry to anyone who got the stupid blog that I posted and then deleted when I was a bit annoyed with a few things and said I was ending things here. A few things had annoyed me that week and I’d had too much to drink! Well, my blog isn’t over yet, I suppose I’m just finding it hard to feel it appropriate to write here when more of the adventures we have had lately involve others more than each other. That’s not to say there’s anything up with Grimly and I, there’s not at all in fact we’ve been quite busy sort of evolving the playroom and what we do and meeting new friends and we’re as happy as we have ever been. Anyway I suppose things naturally evolve and I’m quite content with where I am at the moment, it’s just sometimes not as easy to write as it was. I think also since more and more people who read here *know* me there’s things that previously I might have written that I wouldn’t want specific people who read here to read so that sort of is making me censor things a bit more, I sort of feel as though I can be less open because there’s more friends reading than strangers. In other ways that is of course a good thing,and a benefit, but it just makes it weird sometimes when previously I liked Grimly to be the only one who knew the person behind the words.

Having said all that, I’m sure I’ll get my writing mojo back and be sharing a few things with you soon including some more of the adventures we’ve had with Serious Bondage and crew. We’ve also had some further adventures at MARS and soon hosting JG Leathers again…so I guess, watch this space.

In the meantime…join up to Serious Images and check out my sexy husband and see all our gear as though you were stood right here….but, in the comparative safety of your own house!

8 thoughts on “The interview

  1. You are going to entertain JG Leathers ( you are brave )…. that will be a wonderful team !


  2. I have only recently discovered my ‘interests’ shall we say, and love reading your blog… I don’t know you! Perhaps, consider starting a new, separate blog under a different name to fully explore and describe everything you do? If you wanted to at least!

  3. Mr. KC, don’t you think the missus would enjoy some time in the creature? Sounds like a plot of one of your imfamous “movie stills” where she was going to be enslaved in a harem or such. As one who did respond during your drunken manefesto,

    Thisgirl, it is good to see you back and writing, and look forward to hearing what is on your mind dirty or otherwise. Plus the good thing about posting where friends read things is that now you can post inside jokes, and creative ways to have them know you are talking about them, but still not let your readers know who “them” is

  4. Sometimes taking a break is good to recharge the old batteries too.

  5. Mr KC, haha Mrs Feendish has it covered 😉 lol

    Michael, I’ll guess we’ll just see what happens. I’m feeling a bit less negative about it now, maybe the summer is helping and being around lots of fun people at once 🙂

    Tim, well this is true, and I’m sure Mrs KC would love a go in the creature!

    Has anyone seen how many things I own that need batteries? Seriously. 😉

  6. When you switch on all your toys, the lights in Cheshire go dim !!!!!!

    Give JG my regards…tell him he is a perv…and a good one at that !

    xx KC

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