Grab a chair

We recently had a visit from and whilst they were here Grimly showed off the chair to bondage model Elise Graves 😉

Promo video here

From Serious Images : – “We are honored to present this unique video featuring our friends Grimly Feendish (FetLife) and Elise Graves (FetLife). The common factor that brought these two kinksters together was Grimly’s famous bondage chair. What started as a simple medical exam chair has been transformed into a feendish torment device designed to take its helpless subject on a journey of multi-dimensional stimulation. Warning – one should be careful when playing with someone whose name is Grimly Feendish. This is what we told Elise Graves, but she wanted to give Grimly’s chair a shot anyway. Hold on to your seat and check out her experience in Part-1 of this two-part video. This is the real deal. By the way, check out Grimly’s retail website which features genuine JG-Leathers body harnesses in custom made-to-order sizes!” To see the full video in all its awesomeness please join up at and see my despicable husband in action 🙂


3 thoughts on “Grab a chair

  1. Elise is soo great …am sure with Mr. G. was quite the time together.

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