Face time

As part of question and answer month, Big Fluffy asked :

“Do you ever get worried that people from work (or other contexts) will recognise you from your face photos?”

Well. The thing is, yes. However, not to the point that it changes how I express myself.

I do limit how many and what face pictures I put up since partly most of my pictures are about the bondage rather than ‘stand and model’ kind of photos and also I try and pick the ones where I look ‘nicest’ and generally ones where I think I look hotter than the ‘average me’.

Maybe other people will relate to this, but when I see kink pictures of myself I don’t see the same person that I see in the mirror on a work day. I don’t know whether that means one or the other is the real me, and the other is an act, or what way round if so! I think the fetish me is more confident, since really I am quite a shy person, believe it or not.

I don’t want to broadcast what my career is, since its not relevant to what I do in terms of fetish, but I’m not in the kind of job where being outed would be front page news Ie i don’t work with the eldery,or children, or have a big salary and I’m not a celebrity! If that were to change, I’d reconsider my internet presence, but at the moment I’m confident were I outed I could argue the point that what I do in the bedroom (and elsewhere lol) doesn’t affect how I do my job, and in fact, affects my job no more than someone who has sex a couple of times a week with the lights off. I don’t think about kink whilst I’m at work or with family, other than if the odd idea for something pops into my head, i’m a very sort of compartmentalised kind of person and keeping things like that separate is important to me.

Anyway, the point I was trying to get across is that I don’t think most people who know me in a non-kink context would recognise me.

The thing is, for someone to find my pictures they need to really be looking for kink. My pictures are only on fetlife and my blog, or at least have only been posted by ME in those places. My photos do get ripped off and reposted on the likes of tumblr and so on , and as much as i WOULD FUCKING PREFER PEOPLE NOT TO DO THAT! They do. But again, its in groups with tags where kink is expected. So, you can’t exactly stumble across this kind of material. Well ok, maybe you can.

But the likelihood, of someone stumbling across my kink pictures for a non kink reason and knowing me is pretty unlikely, unless someone with malicious intent has encouraged them to do so.

Maybe this is naive, but at the moment it is my stance. Maybe it will change in the future, who knows. I do feel already though as my internet presence is not likely to be forever.

I’d add, I’m VERY careful about posting pictures of other people and don’t generally post face pictures of others unless I know for FACT they are OK with it and I’d remove them if they changed their mind about this, and expect the same sort of courtesy in return.

Thanks for the question!

7 thoughts on “Face time

  1. I forget what my wife looks like – she is ALWAYS hooded ! lol

    Hey, glad you mentioned about not thinking to much about bondage (that’s for us blokes to think that way ) as Mrs KC is on a different planet to me during ‘normal’ life ! 😉

  2. Have you two couples met in real life ( the KCs and the Grimlys)? that would be some interesting playtime along with comparing notes. Also Mr. KC where are you showing your latest stewing images, your Tarply location seems to change ( or I’m not finding it)

  3. Hey it was you who fluminxed (new word there ) me with that ‘phone call !! ( Thought I had wrong number for Captive_kink lol ) Oh, must take the hood off the good wife, I’d like to know what she looks like !!! 😉
    You and Grimly are THE best ( honest and not like 98% others just posting to spam crappy bondage websites etc )…..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

  4. This popped up in my feed and wondering if the KC’s and the Fiendish Folk have worked out meeting up ?

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