I hardly have time to breathe …

As part of question and answer month, Carlgat asked :- “I do have a question, though. I have recently acquired a gas mask attached to a 2mm neoprene hood (love it). Question: other than the sense of enclosure, what gives you the most enjoyment from using, or being made to use, gas masks?”

First of all sorry, for the lack of posts here at the moment, Grimly and I have just been so busy with visitors and life in general that there just hasn’t been the time to be in front of the computer a lot! I think, on the whole, that is perhaps a good thing since its means I’ve not had a lot of time to be bored!

As far as gas masks go, I mean seriously whats not to like? I was trying to remember the first one I tried, and I honestly can’t remember. Its probably either a Russian GP5 (?) – the latex stretch over the head type, or maybe it was a British S6 or S10. However, it could equally have been an industrial respirator, the type Grimly modifies for use with the chair. I feel bad that I don’t remember my first gas mask, I feel its relevant enough that I should,but I don’t. Maybe its just because its so long ago! I like how they feel. How they look. They complement my rubber fetish.

Though I suppose the biggest benefit of a gas mask is its ability to aid restriction of air, by use of a number of different methods…could be as simple as a hand over the inlet, or it might be part of some elaborate controllable system that might be regulated by machine or by hand. I like having my air flow restricted and controlled, not necessarily cut off completely (or at least not for long) and well I guess I like sometimes doing the same to other people. A gas mask helps that. We’ve just picked up a ‘squeeze to breathe’ it will be interesting to see how that works in play with a gas mask 🙂 More on that another time.

Though, restricting how much air I can get or how much air I give someone else I think heightens the intensity of a scene, I think if you’re fighting for air it intensifies any orgasm, it just pushes the whole thing a bit closer to the edge.

**Oops just bought an Israeli mask on eBay by thinking about gas masks….blaming Carlgat

4 thoughts on “I hardly have time to breathe …

  1. Interesting as i have never worn a gas mask and could imagine how it would heighten the intensity of a scene as you say, especially when in helpless bondage!

  2. “*Oops just bought an Israeli mask on eBay by thinking about gas masks….blaming Carlgat”

    Have to laugh out loud at this. Had a passing comment with Grimly the other day, and I decided that gas masks breed in the cupboard. There is not other explanation as to how many i now have.
    Ebay? what is that? she asks holding the halo up above her head.

    Yours XSTX

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