Asking for it??

March is question and answer month.

Does anyone have any questions for me or for Grimly for that matter?

If so, leave a comment or send an email


Replies may take some time due to visitors this month, but please post here if you want to ask a question you have till 31 March to get your questions in!

In other news….

Our friends from Serious Bondage will be visiting on Monday! Also, an article I wrote for them a while back is now live – please take a look.

If you have visited my page today because of finding me on Serious Bondage, hello! Please take a look around, I won’t bite, unless you ask very nicely! lol

14 thoughts on “Asking for it??

  1. Will you really bite me, if I ask nicely? Please, MsGrimly? Hmmm? Better to gag and tie me, perhaps!!

  2. I do have a question, though. I have recently acquired a gas mask attached to a 2mm neoprene hood (love it). Question: other than the sense of enclosure, what gives you the most enjoyment from using, or being made to use, gas masks?

  3. Have you ever done any fire flogging ? We have done fire play many times but wondered about the fire flogging .

  4. Do you ever get worried that people from work (or other contexts) will recognise you from your face photos?

  5. I have a question which is sort of in lots of parts, it’s about Audience. I am always struck by how honest your blog is- It reads in a way that rings completely true, even more so the better I get to know you which I find really interesting because it can be so hard not to put a gloss on what you are writing or change things because of who might be looking at them.
    Who is your blog for? I know when you set out you were writing it for Grimly and you, but has that changed?

    How conscious are you of your audience when you are writing? Do you have a specific audience in your head- do you write as if it is just for you, and then people happen to see it, or do you write it to Grimly and let other people look in on it, or are you thinking about all the people who comment and read your blog?

    Do you ever change what you write or how you write it because of your potential audience, and if so how? Are you conscious of presenting a particular viewpoint, or of explaining things clearly for people new to kink, or do you just write whatever comes.

  6. “We read to know that we are not alone.” ~C.S. Lewis

    I’m honestly not sure who would be best to ask this question: ThisGirl, or Mrs. Feendish+Grimly.

    I have a question about the existence of a certain type of blindfold. Many years ago, when I was in high school, in Physical Science, the instructor gave us polarized lenses from high-end sunglasses. The lesson was about light, he said, and explained that light oscillates along one plane, so it could be stopped with cross polarization. Naturally, nobody really understood him when he said those fancy words, but he said that we would grasp it as soon as we held one lens and turned the other one, we’d see that polarization was essentially “slots” that let light only go through in one orientation. The result was really interesting when we tried. It works slowly at first, but if you have past a certain point orienting the lenses, they rapidly seem to darken as they block all light.

    I even found references photographs here about how effective it is.

    I thought this was an interesting lesson, but… I think I wondered something about the glasses that I doubt any other student in the classroom did—“If I made goggles for somebody to wear–maybe a pretty girl, that stacked these lenses on top of one another with the top lens able to be rotated, then I could twist the top lens to turn the goggles totally dark and make her sighted or blindfolded by twisting the lenses!” The ultimate dial-a-blindfold! It wouldn’t even need to be removed, but could be twisted to allow the person the light levels I wanted them to have. The very idea made me excited for some reason I didn’t understand, but I reflected on how amazing that kind of control would be and I knew I MUST keep the fact that I thought this kind of thing secret. There was no way to know, back then, what it meant or why I was excited or what that meant I was. Naturally, I could never tell this to anybody, and I’ve locked it away without speaking about it all 18 years since that day at the desk in 9th grade.

    Over the years I have pondered about the methods that could be used to make those goggles… circular polarizers? Cut lenses of polarized sunglasses, cushioned by foam to fit snugly on the face and admit no other light besides the lens aperture?

    So since you clearly hang out with lots of very big names among people who are both kinky and technically gifted people, I simply MUST KNOW…

    Have either of you, on your many adventures, seen such a device? A pair of goggles that uses rotating polarized lenses to become a dial-a-darkness blindfold which can be seen through perfectly well until the person in charge decides otherwise? If you have seen such a thing, I would love to know that I was not alone in my idea, and that it exists… I think it could be a wonderful thing—it wouldn’t have to be removed and reapplied! Unlike normal blindfolds and hoods where sudden re-exposure to the light is painful when its eventually removed, using polarized lenses mounted to pivot could slowly and gently readmit light to a sub’s eyes to let them readjust.

    I like to think it would be fun for a dominant too—I’ll be honest–I have fantasized about using some incredibly sophisticated goggle rig that has layered polarized lenses, like having a tiny battery powered motor that could smoothly rotate the outer lenses held over each of a woman’s eyes by 90 degrees, and if it was, I dunno, hooked up to a timer or remote signal, the person wearing the dial-a-blindfold could be rendered blind by the touch of a button.

    TLDR, I know, but it is exciting to think I’m talking to people who may have seen such a device used… I just can’t stop thinking about someone gently telling a submissive to relax while they reach up to their face and essentially “turn off their sub’s eyes” by rotating a polarized lens 90 degrees. If it doesn’t exist, I sure hope that either Grimly somebody reading will love that image enough to make their own! πŸ˜‰

    I wish I had been able to say this to somebody… at some point. Thank you, ThisGirl/Mrs.Feendish, for inviting us to ask questions, and kindly listening.

    I am so filled with gratitude, (and at least some envy) for the images displayed on for your blog which shows people this kind of desire can be can be–even if not “normal,” practiced openly and in an environment of caring and love.

  7. Do you and/or your Mr. G. ever occasionally peruse some of the BDSM kink sites around and about the Internet for ideas on how to push your envelopes further , such as i.e., the past Insex, Hardtied, etc…..?

  8. Carl, I’ve answered yours.

    Blueeyedtawni – not to date. I’m not sure its something that interests me that much, but If i meet someone who is skilled at it than maybe I’d try!

  9. Thank you for your great answer. That gas mask tempts me every night, not just in session.

  10. Anonymous, thanks for such a long question, Grimly has thought about this idea and had a play with some polarized lenses but hasn’t been able to get it to work effectively yet, though if it can be managed I’m sure he shall πŸ™‚

    Westfalen, sorry its a short answer. But yes. We have a lot of influences, we don’t pay for any kink sites but get ideas from updates we seen on the net or on fetlife but quite often from older inspirations like drawings in books.

    Stevie, you already have been it was so effective you don’t remember it! πŸ˜‰

  11. And there was I thinking the excuse would be that you were waiting until you were ready for the first full robotisation project lol. :p

    Come on, TG, someone has some free rail tickets just waiting to be used, and no job to stop her travelling for a little while

    Pretty please xxx

  12. Yes i can understand that as some of the old classic drawings do provide great inspiration for sure!…..and there is so much free kink on the Net these days, no need to pay for the sites anymore really unless you have a particular fav.

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