Every dog has its day

Grimly, anne o’malley and I went back to MARS (a club in the Manchester area) on Saturday for a pet play munch there. As I mentioned at new year, its a great little place we just discovered recently, though its been there a few years. The idea is they have all sorts of events on catering to all sorts of kinks and people. Even people like us! LOL

I’m sorry the attached pictures aren’t very good, this is because we forgot to take a camera and had to make do with a smart-phone but hopefully they’ll give you an idea of what we were up to!

anne o’malley hadn’t been a puppy for very long before, I think we tried it once as an experiment, but on Saturday it was a more prolonged experiment of a whole afternoon. It’s a shame actually that she was the only puppy there, but there were two kittens to keep her amused, plus a horse and a cow. I’m not sure what she thought to make of things when I locked her in the cage and the cow sat on top of it but it looked cute anyway!pup1

When I do any kind of role-play I like to try and believe in the character I am and the character/s the people around me are too. I think everyone at the event that was taking on a pet/animal role really got into what they were doing and enjoyed it. I think though it helps to have the right outfit planned. To this end, I had her wear a catsuit, a puppy tail butt plug , some foot and hand mitts and a puppy dog hood. I think she’s looks pretty puppy like! That is, if a puppy is meant to look a bit like a girl in bondage whilst also looking like  a puppy. umm. lol

Anyway, the pictures, a bit blurry as they are , should speak for themselves 😉


6 thoughts on “Every dog has its day

  1. Love it!! That butt plug tail is the cherry on the top ( er, the bottom!).

  2. it was a really great afternoon, fun to have a ‘munch ‘ for a change that allowed for dress up! 🙂

  3. Great outfit! And definitely a shame there weren’t more puppies. M has threatened a few times about making me dress up like a puppy. lol

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