Here are the last of my pictures in the snow! At least, unless we take some more another day !

I would definitely recommend wearing latex in the snow, ok its cold, but its lots of fun and hot! Also, if I’d had making a snow angel whilst wearing latex on my bucket list its ticked off! 😉





4 thoughts on “Frozen!

  1. Hello This Girl !

    After the Photo-Shoot you need a new Heat, an inner Heat.
    You have to drink an hot Tea with a little bit Rum of hot Rum.
    The you never would com in … … … …

    Much greetings Stephan

    At my home, there is no Snow. Today there is a little Frozen on the Autoglasses.

  2. we have more snow today Stephan, I hope it doesn’t affect our plans for the weekend as we want to travel to England! *fingers crossed!*

  3. The suit looks amazing on you ,such a monochrome joy in the snow. Hope your loving the GSR as much as i am loving mine. Have no snow here or I would join the S.A.G.M club. (Snow Angel in Gas Masks lol)

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