Cold War

We’ve had snow here in Scotland! Not masses, but enough to make that crisp noise when you walk and enough for it to be an incentive for us to try and find a quiet place to take some outdoor pictures! I’ve always wanted to do some pictures in the snow, and whilst I’d like to do some with more bondage, this is a start!

cold war1

Grimly had bought me this hat from a vintage/antique shop we like nearby, and I wasn’t sure on it at first, but not only has it been quite useful this last week in the cold it went well with this outfit! The catsuit is my libidex one, and the wellies, well they’re not just any wellies, they’re Kurt Geiger. I hadn’t intended to get Kurt Geiger bondage themed wellies, but a few years ago when we had the worst snow Glasgow has had for a while wellies were sold out EVERYWHERE and it was buy these or get very wet feet getting home! Anyone believe this? Well. It’s true!


It was quite cold wearing latex in the snow, but at least it was waterproof! Mind you, what Grimly was wearing wasn’t! Hahah 😉


I’ve still some more ‘snowy’ pictures to post, but in the meantime, continuing the Russian theme, a friend of mine on fetlife has posted this interesting article. It’s posing the idea of showing solidarity on valentines day for those people who are into fetish/bdsm but live in a country where being different is persecuted, like it is in Russia. I was reading in the paper the other day that if you are a fetishist, or a transexual, or homosexual in Russia then they won’t give you a driving licence. I’d also recently gone to see the film ‘The imitation game’ about Alan Turing, who though a genius, ended up being persecuted for his sexuality since being homosexual was not that long ago illegal in this country also. Whilst he was pardoned, many others haven’t been.

My Canadian friend, Anchor, has created an event on fetlife on 14/02/2015 he says

“On a day devoted to celebrating love, we have the opportunity to show we care about those who cannot express their love by showing our love for them. On February 14, why not change your residence here on Fetlife to Russia or any of the more than 70 countries that criminalize sexual diversity?What would be more important than this simple act of solidarity with our fellow Kinksters everywhere whose voice is muzzled?”

You might not fancy doing that, but at least have a think about it, and what it means to be lucky enough to live in a country where whilst what we do is frowned upon, we manage to live the life we choose and are also to meet others who share our diversity and passion.

до свидания

5 thoughts on “Cold War

  1. You look almost as good being Rusiian as you do being Spanish. I like Anchor’s idea. I wonder if there would be enough of us to make any impression on the “Putinatical” powers that be .

  2. These are some of the best pictures of you I’ve seen. You look so relaxed and natural with a beautiful smile!

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