A review of 2014 – part 2 of 2

continued…from yesterday’s post


This girl was nominated for the Bondage Awards for Best Bondage Blog – she ended up coming third this time 🙂 Thank you again to everyone who voted. This girl also continued the bondage alphabet with O :- “O is for orgasm overload and technically also for open-breasted catsuit and open faced hood (not that you can see the hood with the mask on top!)”

28/07/2014 - O is for

28/07/2014 – O is for

Also in July, Locked for Infinity started selling ‘the creature harness’ endorsed by close friend JG Leathers:

30/07/2014 - Back to the future

30/07/2014 – Back to the future


This girl continued the bondage alphabet with P :- “P is for poodles, puppies and ponies! It could have been for other things but this girl and Grimly felt like re-posting some of their favourite pet play pics 🙂 Also it saves the plug pants with pumps for another day LOL”  pp3 This girl also posted the pictures for Q, R, S and T.


This girl visited her friend, Dk Bondage, at the end of August, and tried out some of his bondage gear and shot some video :- “DK filmed this girl trying out and playing with various gear, and you can see the resulting video clips on his clip site. The clip that’s posted at the moment shows this girl in a corseted leather dress and arm binder first of all. The dress was a complete pain to get on being front laced at the top and back laced at the bottom!” She’d also tried out some of his darlex gear : darlex1 OCTOBER

This girl and Grimly had been to Spain at the end of September :- “This girl and Grimly are not long back from holiday in Spain, where they went to enjoy their wedding anniversary and escape Scottish politics! Grimly bought this girl this flamenco style outfit on the day of the referendum in Malaga. Luckily the outcome of the referendum was to reject independence which was a big relief!”

01/10/2014 - Fanfare

01/10/2014 – Fanfare

Also in October, this girl and Grimly completed the bondage alphabet – summary of all letters – here. 


This girl had the winter blues a little over October and November :- “The summer and this girl’s holiday feels a long time ago! This girl has had a particular stressful October due to a combination of reasons and is glad it as a month is over!” blue2 November was also Love our Lurkers 9 – thanks again to everyone who commented!


This girl didn’t blog much in December at all really! Here is a re post of the one picture she posted! stocking That’s not to say things didn’t happen this girl had her friend secretsmile101 come to stay, and also Mrs Fiendish’s sub anne O’malley came for some fun, this girl doesn’t tend to often blog her Domme experiences, just partially because the tone of her blog is more from the angle of a bondage recipient, but here is a gratuitous picture of what Mrs Fiendish did to anne o’malley last week :- bw 2014 on the whole was an OK year for this girl and Grimly. This girl had wanted to change job this year and managed that, and its been better (so far!) She and Grimly have had some excellent holidays in Guernsey and Spain, and pretty much on the whole things have been good. The last quarter of the year has been a bit stressful with family health issues,from both families, and that has sort of added stress, but these kind of things are unavoidable. This girl and Grimly have had some good fun with friends this year though which has helped keep things ticking over with some level of normality! This girl also had wanted to finish the alphabet bondage series this year and managed that,its now just actually working out what to do next! To be honest this blog is perhaps reaching its use by date. This girl is doing more as ‘Mrs Fiendish’ than as this girl’ and doesn’t feel this is necessarily the best place to write about that, or even if she wants to share that always. She’s going to try and keep things ticking over here, but perhaps the end of this being an outlet is in sight at least in its current third person subbie sort of format. Though she’d like to get this to 1000 posts and or to its 10th anniversary so maybe she’ll be around here for a while yet. No one really knows what the future holds. Certainly in 2015 she should have a few interesting guests to write about as there are plans in place for Serious Bondage to come and stay in the Spring, and JG Leathers in the summer. Anyway, hoping you all have a wonderful new year and a great 2015! Happy new year!

9 thoughts on “A review of 2014 – part 2 of 2

  1. Thank you for the two summaries.
    I would like you to know that if you decide to retire thisgirl, this particular admirer would be quite distraught. She has be a beautiful light in a milieu that is filled with people seeking self aggrandizement and displaying poor taste. Thisgirl is a breath of fresh air, and I would personally hope to know more about her, even if less frequently.
    BTW, if Mrs. Feendish were to ever start playing with men, there is one man who would wish to be near the front if the line. :-).
    You are wonderful. Thank you.

  2. I can’t believe there has not been more comment, except that maybe people haven’t seen these posts yet. I know it’s sort of silly, since I get to spend time with you in “real life” but I would be sad if you were to stop blogging too and wanted to say so here, I love the way you write about the things you do. You make kink seem like a wonderful and exciting adventure full of all the best things in life- great friendships, closeness, and fun. When so much ‘kink’ stuff online is so dark and seedy your viewpoint and voice would be really sorely missed. I understand if it is time to move on to pastures new, but I couldn’t agree more with CarlGat,
    You are wonderful. Thank you. Please keep writing, even if it’s in a different and new way.

  3. A great review and some very good photos! Hope you keep on blogging as your honesty, the way you write and your humour will be missed by me and countless others. Anne has summed it up too. I wish you both a great 2015. your blog is by far the best.
    All the best Keith

    PS have you seen (vid clip) 2 scots in a lift. Just fantastic

  4. Agreed as above…we all blow hot and cold re our fetish world……but you and Grimly certainly know how to stimulate the rest of us !!! Keep up the good work ( hey, you are not a domme; you are the perfect subbie……bit like my Mrs KC of England….buggar if I’d trust her to shackle me and get her own back on moi !! lol )

    Both you and Grimly, have a wonderful New Year 🙂


  5. If you do wind the blog down, I’ll miss it. You’ve been an inspiration to me with your combination of highly creative play, fun photos and articulate, intelligent writing.

    But I understand that things change, and nothing goes on for ever. Even Conan Doyle had to make Holmes plunge over the Reichenbach Falls, or seem to. I’m sure none of your followers would want the blog writing to become a burden to you, and so I see you might like to get out while you’re on top.
    And talking of being on top, I’ve enjoyed your posts as Mrs Feendish as much as those of Thisgirl. I hope they continue. As I say to my boyfriend when he’s flagging, ‘Keep it up – if you can’ . . . .

    Sophie Morcel

  6. I agree that this is yours to do with as you like, but the world and your devoted fans would be missing a great insight that really don’t exist now that Mrs. K.C. is no longer blogging ( hint hint K.C ). There are also ways that this can be the best of all worlds. If you do want to keep this going as thisgirl, why not consider doing something as a joint posting, even if you do most of the posting. Grimly does have an interesting take on all of is as observed on fetlife, and his comments in the context are always welcome. You could also Do both parts writing as this girl and Mrs. Fiendish sort of as you have in he past. Maybe call it Fiendish Foils?
    There is also nothing to say that you can’t continue a Mrs Fiendish slant, and have your partner in crime like Anne, write her perspective on what was going on in her head while you wrote about what you were trying to accomplish and have her experience.

    You are unique, and your regulars can tell you that there is such a different perspective you have given to the entire genre for your willingness to say what is on your mind in this forum

  7. Am not totally surprised as i was getting that feeling somehow myself , not that your blog has lost its fast or good bondage ball so to speak, but just that for all of us one’s bondage life has a certain cyclicality to it and lifespan, especially i imagine when writing about it……would love to read about Ms. Fiendish’ exploits also though as being a male sub, she would no doubt be entrancing to moi too:).

  8. Carl, I don’t really want to retire her/me either lol but I guess it just depends what ends up happening to me in the future that will partially effect that. I don’t know why Mrs Feendish prefers girls, she just does I guess. Its partially the sexual attraction I think, and the anatomy, and I don’t know maybe girls just look attractive in bondage….I’ve played with the odd guy, including at least one quite famous canadian weirdo, but I don’t get quite the same level of sexually empowering sadistic head trip from doing stuff with guys, I dunno possibly thats mostly because I’d feel weird about making a guy other than my husband have an orgasm, and wouldn’t want the play to lead to sex,which with female partners, well, sometimes it does.

    If a guy I like though wants to give me an obscene amount of money, or gear I want to tie him up, I might do that LOL, other than that they have to be a very good friend and unique to play with. Damn I’m choosy! And high maintenance.

    Anne O Malley ….yeah…you need to get past HER if you want Mrs Feendish LMAO

    Keith no I haven’t seen that…this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAz_UvnUeuU I”d be offended…if I was Scottish. Thankfully I”m not. LOL

    KC, if you’re not going to show us some piccs get on yer bike me duck :p

    Sophie, thanks for your comment, and the same goes back to you too ! 🙂

    Tim, I’m reluctant to let other people writing here, its my space, and well I”m the possessive type hehe

    Westfalen, thanks for your comment 🙂

    Hope you all have had a good start to 2015 so far

  9. Agree with you that girls do look better in bondage and that’s probably why we see so many of them around that way!…….

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