A review of 2014 – Part 1 of 2

Well as this year goes out here is the review of this girl’s year of pervertery, with a bit about each month and a quote from the first blog of each month also! Feel free to browse the archives and the photo galleries for more info if you want to!


This girl intended 2014 to be more fun and with more going on that 2013 was, due to some major family problems in 2013. She also started the year with the obligatory weight loss intentions!

“This girl has already said that she wants this year to be a more fun-filled one, and to have more play time with Grimly and more fun with friends as well. This month is already sort of heading in the right direction with that with a girls kink night out tomorrow at a friend’s place and then Grimly and this girl have friends visiting next week”

She started the year well in that respect, having some fun with the lovely Cherry Bakewell, shown here in an armbinder dress :-

22/01/2014 - A bite of the cherry

22/01/2014 – A bite of the cherry

Grimly and this girl also went back to doing a few more of the Bondage alphabet – starting with F is for Fuck Machine.


The Alphabet continued into February,  instance

G is for green of course, gas mask, gloves, glass and well maybe gurgles?”

02/02/2014 - G is for

02/02/2014 – G is for

Also in February we posted the images for H, I and J. J of course being for JG Leathers, whose website is now being updated currently for anyone wanting to look into his further exploits!


March is traditionally Question and Answer month.

The questions this girl had this year were :-

This ones for both of you, what’s the one thing you’ve tried and thought afterward or during “nope, never again this is just not for me!”

“How do you begin a Session and who initiates ist? From my relationship I know that it can be a struggle. Both must have the time, must be in the mood, should have a “free mind” (no stuff to worry about or to take care of that constantly goes around in your mind).

Does Grimly ever want to be “this boy” to Ms. Grimly?

A mixed bag of questions for Grimly…

“In real life do people ever recognise you from your blog?”

“hi, i was wondering if you could tell me in details about your dom making you orgasm on command? i’m very fascinated”

“You mention a few areas that I would think you may want to consider more information to all. Perhaps expanding on more info and pictures. I see that you tend to practice breath play. I would like to suggest that you perhaps expand on an blog and photographs the A,B,C’s of this

This girl also posted K is for kinky kitten and L….which was for is for leather, lycra, latex, lattice,leotard, leggings, locks and levitation

14/03/2014 - L is for

14/03/2014 – L is for

This girl also posted M


This girl started the post continuing the alphabet :-

“N is for nose hooks (two lots of!), nipple clamps and neck corset.The chains form the nipples and the nose are both attached to the same suspension bar making the situation a bit of a predicament since if this girl moved her head it pulled more on her nipples. Ouch!”

Excitingly, though in  April, Grimly, together with J from Bound in Latex – launched a new site selling gear – you can check out here – Locked for Infinity (please note this screen shot is the site as of last April – its come on a lot since!) The business is doing really well, Grimly and J have done several fetish fairs and club events. Please check it out!



Not a lot kink wise happened in May :

Just a quick update, for those of who have asked, this girl and Grimly are fine just a lot of concentration this last few months  has been on launching Lockedforinfinity – there will be an exciting update on some new products there in the next few days so watch this space! Also the website now works outwith the uk as well ;)”

This girl also found out she was successful in her application for a new job, so that sort of took the focus away from keeping things up to date on-line. Six months later, this girl is confident she made the right decision changing job! Phew!!


In June, Locked for Infinity started selling latex gear :

“The items for sale at the moment include the butterfly straight jacket (0.7mm) this girl modelled whilst visiting the  Serious Bondage  house and a selection of hoods, so please check out whats on offer! (shown with this girl’s own red skirt and top over it )”

01/06/2014 - Time for some TLC

01/06/2014 – Time for some TLC

conversely, here’s a picture this girl’s alter ego Mrs Fiendish took of the same piece of bondage gear :-



Also in June this girl and Grimly went to the Dv8 Fetish Festival in Kent, that was pretty cool!

part 2 of the year to follow tomorrow….have a great new year’s eve! This Girl and Grimly have some kinky plans so hopefully should be fun!!


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