Come on in, the water’s fine!

When Grimly and this girl were on holiday a few months ago, it was one of Grimly’s fantasies to get some pictures of her in latex in the pool, as you see below, this happened! Though, not to the best extent since there wasn’t complete privacy due to the farmer next door and unexpected from the pool guy! The heat made it difficult as well, this girl is quite good wearing latex regardless of the temperature but there is a point where it gets uncomfortable!

However, you can’t get sun burn wearing full coverage latex right? 😉


Grimly also had the idea that he thought it would be fun for this girl to dive into the pool in boots and hood, completely covered in latex. This girl didn’t quite manage that, at least not in a hood and heels, since she isn’t a proficient diver and has a bit of a phobia about not being able to breathe under water and being immersed , trapped and drowning. She is an OK swimmer though, and swimming in latex was a lot of fun! Though swimming in stilettos is kind of awkward!


Grimly was perhaps a bit disappointed that she didn’t manage diving into the pool in full rubber, but he was very patient in helping her try to overcome her phobia and try it a little, so she did at least manage diving normally with his help and guidance. Although, umm, perhaps not very well!  There’s very few things that this girl freaks out about when it comes to trying fetishy things or adventures, but there’s the odd thing. Many years ago, this girl wasn’t really at all comfortable with hoods as having her head covered up felt a bit freaky and weird, but with his patience and slow experimentation its something she came to love. There’s ways of course of dealing with fears and anxieties, and diving head first into them sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t and a slower approach is needed. Conversely though this girl has a lot of water bondage fantasies so she’d like to be a bit more confident under-water. There’s a lot of pictures this girl has looked at of herself over the last few years that if you’d said to her ten years ago that it was a picture of her future self she just wouldn’t believe it, and that goes a lot for her holiday snaps! Given that a lot of them have involved slightly bizarre things such as trying ‘the creature’ or walking along Folsom as a pony girl. So maybe on the next holiday she’ll do something a bit more adventurous under water;)


On the subject of holidays – happy thanksgiving to those of you in the USA ! This girl hopes friends who read here haven’t been affected this thanksgiving by the bad weather. Hope you all manage to enjoy your weekend with your friends and family 🙂

If you’re interested, items in these photos available at

hood – TLC Designs @ Locked for Infinity

ball mitts – Blackstyle

Catsuit – Libidex

Latex boots – Ebay

7 thoughts on “Come on in, the water’s fine!

  1. I do love hoods. Just something delicious about losing sight and sound and speech… And you do look good in them 🙂

  2. If you want to be filmed in the snow, Albany has plenty at the moment, though (so far) not as much as I was led to expect.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Hello This Girl !

    I think you must go on a air mattress for some Rounds in the Pool … … …
    And Spreadeagled to it. That would give nice Pictures.

    Greetings from Cologne, Steve

  4. WoW! You look absolutely stunning in and out of the water. But how long did you have to wear your catsuit? I see that Grimly has put mitts on your hands, so presumably it wasn’t your choice when you could take it off. In the hot sun, you must have been as wet inside as you were outside when in the pool! You obviously took quite a lot of latex on holiday with you. Nothing like being prepared 🙂

  5. At the current rate of ozone depletion, full coverage latex may soon be required to prevent sunburn!

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