Love our Lurkers 9!


Today is the wonderful love our lurkers day which was initiated by Bonnie, and this year it is hosted by Hermione. I’ve participated in this most times its ran and its one of the blogs I look forward to writing and reading the comments on the most. My own blog here has been going 8 years so there’s only a few times I’ve missed this! Last year there were 23 comments here so it would be nice to beat that 😉

Readers help keep blogs going. When I first started writing I didn’t expect anyone to read other than Grimly, but knowing other people were out there encouraged me to pour our my heart and details about my take on BDSM. I like my blog to reflect what BDSM in a loving relationship is really like for someone who is in every other sense the girl next door, and who has just been incredibly lucky in the people she’s made friends with! I’m not a model or a professional of any kind in a kink sense, just someone with a creatively eccentric husband!

I suppose part of the reason why I like to keep the blog going though is that I like to show off and share my adventures, though strangely, in real life I am painfully shy!

In the last few years the blog has gotten gradually less and less anonymous with people who perhaps have first met me on here becoming friends in real life and those people are friends I hope to keep for a very long time not just because of kink but because they are special to me and very loved. That’s continued this year and I’ve made some lovely new friends and got together with old ones and I’ve just had a lovely visit from these folks who I possibly would not have met had it not been for my outlet here on the internet!  It may sound cheesy but I do see regular readers/commenters as friends as well. Even Tim 😉

So this is your opportunity to leave Grimly & I a comment, whether or not you have before! You can say a bit about yourself, or leave ideas of what you might like to read here or see pictures about, give feedback, leave links to your own blog or just a general hello. Anonymous comments are okay too. I should really start commenting more on other people’s blogs again so if you have a blog and want to direct me to it please leave a comment with a link or tell me about you 🙂

Last year’s comments were fantastic and very much appreciated by Grimly  & I. Comments don’t ever have to be in agreement with any given subject, as long as they are constructive and polite (and not spam!)

Please take this opportunity to stop by and say hello! Though to add to that, comments are always welcome on any post!

A full list of the blogs participating on LOL day is on Hermione’s blog and updated throughout the day – please have a peak there may be a new favourite

Please also join in yourself if you have a blog, LOL is running for 2 days today – today and tomorrow to allow for people in different countries to get into this 🙂

So over to you…..please leave a comment! Or, if you are new here and have followed a link today take a look around!

26 thoughts on “Love our Lurkers 9!

  1. Your is one of the best blogs about. It is funny but its international nipple appreciation day! Without them tits would be pointless.
    Keep up your fantastic work TG

  2. Done my fair share of Lurking over the years before doin that whole meeting for coffee thang. Your blog never ceases to inspire in one way or another. Onwards and upwards missy.


  3. love your work and what grimy do it nice to see free work without paying too see it think you are very modest in your self so i like it to go on for along time to come so keep up all the good work i hope to see alot more 2015 ??

  4. Hi This Girl and Grimly,
    Thanks for keeping up the blog, I enjoy it greatly. I have not commented in a while I know, been busy with other things like becoming a switcher (Miss Barbie), and taking on a second sissy maid, and continuing my own training as my Mistress’ stand-in head maid. I have a day job too but can work at home while cross dressed and sometimes in self bondage (only need to use my brain and be able to move my fingers to write computer programs). I put my maids in bondage as a reward for a week end’s hard work if they earn it and sometimes make them work in mobile bondage to make their chores even harder for them. I still make a few bondage items myself, like adding jingly bells to my sets of transparent ankle and wrist cuffs so I always know where my maids are even if they try to stand still so their neck bell does not give them away.

  5. Waves at you all, delurking out for a bit. Do you know any on fire flogging .fire cupping, or fire play
    ? My love has been doing fire play at our local dungeon and I love it .Great de stresser 🙂

    Btw , LOVE all the pics you post. I have learned quite a bit from your blog ❤

  6. First time here….plan on returning when i have more time…looks interesting.
    hugs abby

  7. Long time follower who will leave a note every now and then. I enjoy reading the comments about your various exploits, be they in photograph form, or in writing.
    It is nice to know that “real people” are willing to share their experiences without having to confabulate.
    Thanks ,

  8. Interesting blog. First time visiting. Happy LOL Day.


  9. I know that I don’t count as a lurker but I always love reading your blog because you are so honest, open and well written. It feels like I get another glimpse of what you’re thinking and I love seeing what’s going on in your head. Keep it up!

  10. Happy LOL Day to you TG and to Grimly too! 🙂 My first time stopping by! It is fun to meet new people on this day! I will look forward to coming by in the future, when I can. Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie

  11. Long-time lurker here. I find your blog fascinating. Human sexuality is such a beautifully diverse thing that is to be explored. I love reading about your experiences and adventures because they’re much kinkier than I’d ever dare!

  12. First thing, This Tim is not Tim the Tum. And I usually make quite a few comments instead of lurking. But I do have a question about styleand approach for you both. Mrs. And Mrs. K.C. whom I don’t know if you have met in real life, but are very familiar with their work often seemed to like to play using a form I Know Mr. K.C. called “stewing in her own juices.” The approach basically was to have Mrs. K.C. trussed up well, and left that way to sweat and struggle, and sometimes with vibrators that were relentless, and could not be moved. It was a helpless bondage that could last an indeterminate time. Sort of related to that would be Forniphilia, a human furniture or objectification of the woman. Gimping could also fit this style of play where the person is dehumanized to be a thing. And animal play is I guess a dehumanized, anthropromorphism.

    It seems that when you both play, it is highly interactive and with the knowledge that the other person is active, intead of being placed in a contemplative or predicament position, that is being monitored, yet has extended periods where the sub is isolated even when Grimly could be sitting right there. What is your opinion of how the dehumanized isolation type of play and the highly interactive form work for you both?
    OF course Grimly would never bind and gag Thisgirl just so he could watch his favorite football team where thisgirl has no real rooting interest 😉 And a side question from that, do you ever use random events like the winner of a match to determine what bondage, or actions will take place?

  13. Hello! I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and visit it regularly. You and Grimly make me wish I had a relationship like yours. 🙂

    Keep on writing; I’ll keep reading.

  14. Bonjour This Girl, et Grimly!

    I’ve been visiting your blog regularly for a few months (unfortunately not regularly enough to be there on time for LOL day! :/)

    I find this blog fascinating, and I think you perfectly achieve all those great goals you say you have: you sound like a really lovely person, and a “girl-next-door” in the sense that you never sound snobbish about your hobby and one can easily relate to you; you showcase hard-core kink in a very matter-of-fact way, and make it sooo obvious that it is part of a healthy and loving relationship; and your writing is fun and personal.
    I’ve discovered the “hidden world of kink” a few years ago via art and stories on the internet, and felt immediately attracted to it, but more out of curiosity I think than a real personal predilection. I never mind trying out stuff (was lucky to mooost randomly discover a very proficient kinbaku rope-master in a boy-next-door friend of mine!), but I don’t think it’s “my thing” ,as some people put it.
    Anyway, my curiosity is given a lot to feed on with your blog, so thank you for that ! And I’m also convinced that your blog is very good to point at in case of arguments, with people who believe that kink is necessarily abusive and unhealthy!

    Keep on doing what you love and sharing your happiness and excitement with us !
    All my very best to Grimly and you,
    Cheers from France.

  15. Been following your writings for years, always enjoyed, and made a few comments usually about cars/motorsport. Keep enjoying life
    Regards from Argyll

  16. Hi TG,
    I’ll ditto all the other comments above. But I would especially like to thank you for making this kinky fetish life so … so … normal and clean and loving. Too many web sites portray kink and BDSM as angry, violent (in words and actions), humiliating and distasteful. After reading your blog for several years now, I no longer feel such a stranger in society, and can accept my own kinkiness without having my conscience give me the run-around as it used to.
    I’ll always be grateful for this blog. There are a couple of others, but with yours I find I am always anticipating any updates.
    Thanks again.
    Carl Gat

  17. I am just another full enclosure freak clashing atoms on the internet.

    Was great to meet you in may for the few minutes we got to chat. Look forward to meeting you both again as time and money allows.
    I adore your insights into your lifestyle and nilla lives and thank you for blogging. I dont comment, but maybe i should lol. We share so many interests its like looking at a younger me lol.

    May next year bring you happiness, health, and a wealth of kinky shared fun.

    Rubbery gas masked hugs to you and Grimly xx ST

  18. Hi there!
    I commented here on a previous LOL day, saying that I was probably not going to stick around because I am just godawful at following blogs. I get caught up in my fanfiction and then just ignore the rest of the net for weeks. (;^_^)
    But then I was intrigued by your posts to the point that I subscribed to your blog, and while I do click away many of the alerts, I also follow the links back to your writing as often as not. They are usually worth it. ^^ (Although, as you can see, it may take a few weeks until I get around to clicking that link…)
    Anyway, thank you for still writing this wonderful blog! It’s a pleasure to read. : )
    – Dime

  19. This Girl and Grimly,
    I, I’m a lurker. There. Moreover, sometimes when I lurk I’m aroused. There’s that too. Because of the groovy gear and This Girl’s attractiveness and Grimly’s fiendishnish (ha) I find the entire experience to be – full, or “engorged” so to speak. But it’s not about appealing to my prurient interest, oh no. It’s because of your honesty and expression of passion and that appeals to my pure interests; sharing, living, and love. And that, my friends, is fucking sexy!

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