Winter blues?

The summer and this girl’s holiday feels a long time ago! This girl has had a particular stressful October due to a combination of reasons and is glad it as a month is over! But, the dark nights are here and the cold frosty mornings, and there is no doubt that here in Scotland its moving towards winter and won’t be long probably before it snows! Arrgh. Though having said that, this girl really wants to try and get some kink wintery pictures in the snow this year if its pretty enough and not slushy lol

This girl can get the winter blues quite badly,that sort of seasonal depression thing. She can sort of feel it building already and is feeling tense and stressed at the littlest things which normally would be quite manageable to deal with, but just at the moment it doesn’t feel like that. So, sometimes having diversions help, and perhaps all this ‘alternative stuff” is a kind of therapy. or medication. This girl finds mental health quite hard to describe sometimes, despite her growing collection of straight jackets! She tries and explains something or tries to write it down and then as soon as its explained or said, her natural reaction is that she’s being ridiculous and over-reacting, but its like, thats not how she feels at the time, so she gets more frustrating at herself for not coping better in the first place. The sooner the sunshine comes back the better, in the meantime, bring on the latex and whatever;)


9 thoughts on “Winter blues?

  1. Simply sexy and slinky as always. You wear it beautifully!! Lucky Mr. Feendish!

  2. I would suggest getting a light box from your doctor. It well help a lot with the winter blues just using one for an hour a day.

  3. Hello This Girl !

    That must be a hot Winter: Your free Arms are not to cold … … …

    Greetings Stephan

  4. Yes the natural sun lamps do make a world of difference with SAD, and Grimly could probably build a kinky tanning bed with them if he sets his mind to it

  5. You are looking good in the photos. I do feel very sorry for you with the winter blues, my wife suffers with it. Roll on the sunny summer

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