That’s the spirit!


So yes, its that time of year, for trick or treating , being spooky and having an excuse to dress up in fancy dress in front of work colleagues LOL

This girl and Grimly had hoped to go to a kink event in Manchester tonight but with one thing and another it couldn’t be managed, with life and all that sort of thing getting in the way of kink plans.

Luckily though work and family didn’t affect this girl’s recent holiday. So, although the spirit here is a frozen daiquiri, it went quite well with the sunset over the hills in Spain, and well, latex 😉

What more is there to say really?

Anyway, if you are celebrating Halloween please have a good time and enjoy yourself 🙂





7 thoughts on “That’s the spirit!

  1. Hello This Girl !

    Now I see you in this Red Pictures,
    I had to think at Chris De Burgh and his Song:
    Lady In Red !
    This says Everything!

    Greetings from Köln, Stephan

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