Can I twist your arm?

So the alphabet is over, what next?? Well, to start with here are some new items of latex to perhaps drool over. 😉

The hood and arm binder  pictured below are both items made by this girl’s friend TLC Designs and available to buy at Locked for Infinity.

This girl has thought about changing her hair back to red again for a while but is mostly happy as a brunette at the moment, so this is an easy way of having it look different without going to the hairdressers! 😉 This girl has never had a pony tail hood before either so its nice to add one to the collection , who knows she might get one with blonde hair too since TLC can make these hoods in other colours with different trims and different hair. This girl wanted a red trim on hers though to specifically go with this skirt and with countless shoe combinations! This girl has quite a lot of red shoes! Though, these heel-less boots are fun and easier to walk in than they look!



TLC has also recently started making latex arm binders, at the moment there are some all ready to go in both black (as shown here ) but also in transparent smoky black.  Hmm this girl knows a certain london girl that has a catsuit that would look great with a transparent smoky latex arm binder to match it! 😉

This girl hasn’t used arm binders all that much recently but wearing this the other day  reminded her how great they feel and how controlling and restrictive they are. To find out more please take a look here.



4 thoughts on “Can I twist your arm?

  1. Oh wow !!!!!
    In Latex ( my favorite Material ! )
    You wear Ponyboots in this Scene. Now you are a Ponygirl with an Armbinder.
    Grimly now has put you to the meadow or corral … … …

    Lovely greetings from Cologne, Stephan

  2. Loving the ponytail hood!

    Oooh smokey arm binder?! You’ve got SG thinking now… looks awesome and would look great with my catsuit 😉

    pup x

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