This girl and Grimly are not long back from holiday in Spain, where they went to enjoy their wedding anniversary and escape Scottish politics! Grimly bought this girl this flamenco style outfit on the day of the referendum in Malaga. Luckily the outcome of the referendum was to reject independence which was a big relief! Returning to Scotland though has had dramas of its own for various reasons hence why this girl hasn’t blogged a lot lately. Such is life! But watch this space, for some more of this girl’s adventures with her friend DK Bondage and also for some more um ‘holiday snaps’

On another note, if you’re a fan or just even someone who appreciates leather and latex bondage and would like to meet this girl and Grimly and you happen to live in the North West of England then you should come along to this event on Saturday where you can see and buy some Locked for Infinity goodies

Manchester Alternative & Burlesque Fair



6 thoughts on “FANfare

  1. What wonderfully evocative pictures. You would make a beautiful flamenco dancer! :-))

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