Serious about the boy

Today is this girl and Grimly’s third wedding anniversary, and next year will be about ten years since she has known him all together so its safe to say this girl is pretty serious about her man. She’s old fashioned in the sense that she feels marriage is a life commitment and if you take that then you sign up for the whole deal the rough times and the smooth.  She recently found some honeymoon pictures that she thought were lost on a corrupted memory stick so today seemed a good time to post them!

These pictures were taken after getting back to the Serious Bondage house after a day at the Folsom Street fair. This girl had asked Grimly nicely if she could put her feet up after being most of the day in hoof boots and having quite sore feet, and he and the SB crew kindly obliged (well, sort of) by providing a sort of suspendable stretcher and a neoprene sleep sack and hood.


This probably was one of the most blissful bondage scenes this girl has ever enjoyed since it was just quiet and floaty and intimate. This girl had been really nervous about going to Folsom Street for probably all manner of irrational reasons mostly circulating around her lack of confidence in her body image and how she would look in her pony outfit and what people would think. Those kind of fears evaporated quite quickly since whilst shy this girl can be an exhibitionist in the right environment and on arriving there she found lots of people just wanted to take her picture and give positive reactions to what she was doing, and that was quite a buzz. The excitement and the buzz kept her going and kept her attention away from how slowly tortured her feet were being in the hoof boots until she had a chance to sit down and sort of digest it all. Though the thing this girl got off most on during that whole day was how he looked at her, and how proud he appeared to be of her. He probably doesn’t realise that a lot of the time she’s proud of him too and that she’s there to help him through things that he worries about and has crazy thoughts about as well. This girl likes having a strong man to protect her, but sometimes she just wants to protect him right back.


This girl finds bondage a kind of safe place sometimes since when she’s under his control its as though nothing bad can happen, nothing can interfere its a complete escape from reality. This girl knows from experience of playing from the other side that although only one person of the two is in bondage it is very much a similar feeling for the dom but perhaps with a stronger mental feeling of security and control than a physical one. This girl likes the physical reminders and that she’s not going anywhere because he doesn’t want her to go anywhere other than where his imagination might lead things.


This girl still finds it slightly bizarre that she fell for Grimly for reasons of a very sexual and fantasy nature and yet ended up finding out there was so much more to the man than just him being a creative, mad,evil genius. He is that though. Well, at least some of the time. This girl loves how wicked yet how loving he looks in this picture. He might be evil and a bit eccentric but he’s hers and she couldn’t possibly imagine sharing these adventures with another man and this girl knows she is incredibly lucky to have found her soul mate.  Bondage and BDSM are fun of course in their own right but so much better for being shared with someone with whom their is a connection,a history and well, a life in the background that is more than just a fantasy.   If all this girl and Grimly had was the kink this relationship would not have lasted so long because it would have run out of steam, but, there is more to it than that.


This girl and Grimly have had a few stresses of late, and quite a bit of uncertainty in what might be in their future given the upcoming Scottish Independence referendum but she would go through anything with him, anywhere. Yes, this girl loves bondage, she loves the adventures this ‘hobby’ has given here, but her marriage and the happiness of her husband mean more to her than these adventures.

This is something this girl wrote for the hand fasting ceremony she and Grimly had at JG Leathers’ house a week after their wedding :

It’s easy to explain how I first met you and what first attracted me to you. But love is not necessarily about what happens first. After all these years it is difficult to find the words to explain why I love you so much.

You have always been there to comfort me in difficult times and you have always made me smile and laugh. You’re my best friend.

I said to a friend recently that I feel about you the way I feel about the sea. I do not like to be more than a few miles away from you and you make me feel at home wherever we are whether its in Scotland or abroad with friends.

As you know being near the coast is part of my background, my great grandparents were fishermen and my grandfather served in the merchant navy, putting himself at risk to make a better life for the lady he loved.

Like love, sometimes the sea is peaceful and calm, the sunlight shining on the waves, other times it is more dangerous and turbulent as a storm might appear that may cause a ship to steer off course.

But sometimes it is the unexpected that makes love more meaningful. Anyone can be happy together when they are safely on the shore on a sunny day with the sand between their toes, but love mans more when you can survive the storm and return home to be in the arms of someone special.


Happy Anniversary Grimly xxx

13 thoughts on “Serious about the boy

  1. Thank you for writing this – I find it very inspirational, loving, and caring. Congratulations on you anniversary, and I wish you both the best if good fortune in the future.
    Carl Gat

  2. It’s funny that with all the bondage images, reading through the post and getting to the last picture, I was struck with how normal you both look in that picture. Normal as in regular, not the antihthesis of abnormal. Two “regular Joes” , quite in love, hanging out in jeans and slacks.

    When we do see Grimly step from behind the camera, it’s never in scene wear, but almost always with a smile or a shit eating grin on his face. I guess I always envision thisgirl with a similar grin, hidden under the hood. I always love to hear what was going on that we can’t see( often because you can’t see either), along with your inner thoughts of what you remember experiencing.

    You have come so far together, and I am priveledged that you have both been open and honest while sharing your lives and your lusts for so many years.

  3. Happy anniversary to you guys! How time flies! It’s been an awesome journey in getting to know you and have such fun times together.

    Have a lovely day xxx

    pup and SG xx

  4. Where have those three years disappeared to ?

    Love the third photo down, you being buzzed by Grimly….must have been very frustrating for you with no arms to fight back with !!! lol

    Last pic is superb….keep up the excellent work you two ! 🙂


  5. Best of wishes from MJ and I
    We wish you all the love in the world
    xxxx ST and MJ

  6. Congratulations, Beautiful words for a from one wonderful person to another wonderful one. 🙂

  7. Congratulations to both of you on your Leather anniversary! Many more to come. Your words are strong and good

  8. Congrats from the other side of the Pond!…..

    Great revelations btw of the internal psyche of a bondage sub like yourself and what is going through your mind when in that state…..and you make an interesting point about what the bondage Dom/Top might be feeling/thinking also.

    Luv your sleepsack pic too!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! You both look so in love (in kink and out). ❤

  10. Another great insight is how you met your man via your common interest in kink/bdsm but then lo and behold your relationship has developed into a fulfilling marriage and beyond…….makes the point that what can come out of kink interests is much beyond what is initially envisioned and that we should not feel guilty or slutty for using kink as a relationship starting point sometimes, as similar though not marriage-able per se relationships have come out of this for me also over the years:)

  11. This was a lovely post! Happy anniversary to you two. (Also, great photos… very jealous of the bondage and suspension!)

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