Hit the sack

Here are some pictures taken during this girl’s recent visit with DK Bondage. This time she was put in a darlex lotus-style sack and left in the scorching sunshine! A video clip of this scene can be bought and downloaded here 🙂 You can see this girl being zipped into the sack, hooded and straps added before she is left to wriggle around and attempt escape 😉

It got so hot it in the sack that it reminded this girl of those scenes in movies in the desert where french foreign legion deserters are pegged out in the sand and left for days, since with her arms and legs restricted it was just like being in that kind of position with the sun beating down. Mind you, she wasn’t left for quite as long as days!




4 thoughts on “Hit the sack

  1. I don’t know about lying out in hot sun, but that bag/suit look like great fun to wriggle around in. :-))

  2. “You’d look good even in a black sack?” 🙂
    Having just the pair of lips sticking through the hole is a lovely image. It’s impressive how just a bag and a pair of leather belts can leave you so beautifully helpless! (I’m guessing the other 9 or so belts lying waiting didn’t go to waste though?)

  3. Carlgat, indeed it was , I would recommend it! 🙂

    js207, thanks LOL I’m not answering that question you’ll either have to watch the video and find out or use your imagination hehhe

  4. Hmmm, I totally need one of those suits… I’ve never seen them anywhere though! Darlex sleepsacks sure, but lotus suits? Hmmm

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