Everything in the garden is rosy

A rare event occurred here in the UK last week – it was a bank holiday weekend AND sunny! This girl spent the weekend visiting her friend DK Bondage and got to try some of his gear and her own out in the sunshine 🙂

DK filmed this girl trying out and playing with various gear, and you can see the resulting video clips on his clip site. The clip that’s posted at the moment shows this girl in a corseted leather dress and arm binder first of all. The dress was a complete pain to get on being front laced at the top and back laced at the bottom! Thankfully the ‘getting dressed’ part was not filmed since it would not have been flattering! However, once on this girl really liked the dress especially when combined with an arm-binder. This girl hadn’t actually used an arm binder at all since taking the pictures for ‘A’ in the bondage alphabet (more than a year ago), but it reminded her how much she likes the restrictive feeling and overall look 🙂  It also reminded her she needs to try and get her hands on a latex one!


After the dress, this girl and DK played with the harness Grimly has designed for sale on  lockedforinfinity. The harness is based on the JG Leathers creature harness.

dk2This girl trotted round the garden a little but hadn’t had enough baggage allowance left to pack a head harness as well so had to ‘make do’ with a nice leather hood. Now of course it wasn’t really making do since the particularly hood used is absolutely gorgeous and made of the nicest leather! But , being so padded around the ears it made it quite hard to hear DK’s instructions and this girl became a bit of a clumsy pony walking around the garden in her heel-less boots! Hopefully though you may find it entertaining even if just for the fun of that! Especially those who over the years have wanted video! It’s the first play close to pony play this girl has managed for a while since there’s been a few issues with outdoor venues in the UK of late so it was fun to have a nice big garden to run around in. There are a few pony events happening in the UK in September, which this girl can provide details of to anyone interested, however she’s out of the country on a much needed holiday so can’t go!

Any profits from this little video will be reinvested in bondage gear have no fear. Not even the smallest income from bondage is getting spent on boring stuff!  😉


8 thoughts on “Everything in the garden is rosy

  1. That harness is magnificent, a beautiful creation – and that corset dress is great too, well worth all the struggling to tie. It looks pretty tight, with steps of a few inches, but room to tighten even further and totally immobilise you if someone feels really evil?

  2. It would have been good to have seen film of you putting on the harness and the hood.

  3. And was there anything inside that outfit that was making you prance or gallop carefully?

  4. I didn’t think I was all that into latex and catsuits and this type of bondage…. until I started looking at your blog. I am definitely sharing this with my Sir!

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