T is for . . .

The bondage alphabet continues!

To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – ABCDEFG ,HIJ,K ,LM ,N , OPQ , R and S

T is for triple penetration, thigh cuffs, tension, TENS, tit electrics and of course torture 😉

In these pictures this girl is dressed super-hero style with her pants on top of her catsuit , however it has to be said this must have been the longest  amount of time it has ever taken this girl to put underwear on!  They are like these if anyone is interested in latex torture knickers lol

This girl found them incredibly difficult to get on as once one dildo was lined up the other suddenly wouldn’t be! Rather frustrating! Though who knows, maybe the frustration aspect was part of the design criteria of some sadistic sex toy inventor?? Surely it can’t just be Grimly who would think like that?


Of course, Grimly made the whole thing more frustrating by making sure that once this girl had finished putting all her latex on that she couldn’t move or get anywhere near any of the those three pumps. He also added some breast cups and rigged them up to a tens machine. It was then made a bit of a predicament bondage game as the cups were only felt strongly when this girl let her head drop, but it was also hard not to move and wriggle as Grimly seemed rather intent on checking everything was inflated to its fullest. See he IS the mean one!  The pictures don’t perhaps show this game from its best angle, but sometimes Grimly gets rather distracted during play and forgets to make sure the photograph has the best artistic merit. Can’t think why 😉

3 thoughts on “T is for . . .

  1. U dont know REAL torture untill you’ve worn, and have been all hot n bothered in latex when u have hairy legs lol

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