Gold rush!

Yippee the Commonwealth Games here in Glasgow are over!

This girl has enjoyed it really, especially as she saw team yorkshire gold and silver in person at the Triathlon event she attended. Ok, so yorkshire doesn’t have its own team…but if it did it would have done OK!  Anyway, Glasgow has put on a pretty good show, and the home nations have done really well especially this girl’s team England, though she’s not going on about that too much at work – honest!

So, tonight it is the closing ceremony and there will be a certain girl in London possibly glued to the tv watching for one of her favourite pop stars to grace the screen as the games are handed to Australia.

Here’s a hot pant clue…


Yep,Kylie fan ,Trinity Pup. The above photo was taken actually during the time of London 2012 rather than Glasgow 2014 but its worth posting those hot pants again 😉

Here’s a more recent picture of pup though for you to enjoy …..hopefully like pup here  Kylie will also be wearing latex!


6 thoughts on “Gold rush!

  1. Good times! i’m watching the Games in those very hotpants! 😉 Or maybe i’m in a latex number… who knows? 😉

    Well done Glasgow, you’ve done the Commonwealth proud!

    pup xx

  2. No latex from Kylie, seemingly, much to your disappointment, I suspect. Mind, given she once did the full robot look, and routine, in a concert show, I’m sure she has a kink or two, to delight you with 😉
    Quite possibly, like me, she wouldn’t mind giving that brainwashing machine a try, and end up a genuine robot!

  3. These are lovely pictures to wake up to after a fantastic Gay Pride. You guys looks so good together and pup looks superb in the catsuit . X

  4. Doubtless…………………..but that is pup! Anyway, how the devil would you know! : )

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