P is for . . .

The bondage alphabet continues!

To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – ABCDEFG ,HIJ,K ,LM ,N and O

P is for poodles, puppies and ponies! It could have been for other things but this girl and Grimly felt like re-posting some of their favourite pet play pics 🙂 Also it saves the plug pants with pumps for another day LOL

The first two pictures were taken in Wales back in 2009, during a day which is still up there as one of this girl’s favourite days of kink. Cutie, the poodle girl is an amazing person who clearly puts so much effort into what she does and goes completely into role. Her outfit is all pretty much home-made.  In the first of the pictures Cutie was supposed to be being a guide dog for this girl but poodles aren’t known for being guide dogs and ended up walking this girl into the bushes!


It was much safer to be in the pens!


This girl also really enjoyed being a pony girl at the Folsom Street fair in San Francisco and hopes to go back there sometime, although it won’t be this year.  The picture below shows her there with her friends Daever and puppy friend Petgirlkako.


This girl really liked the hood kako had, its fully articulated so that when kako spoke it looked like it was barking 🙂  This girl has actually just found some more kink pictures from San Francisco that she thought were lost so watch this space for some ‘never before seen’ pictures of this girl and Grimly in the Serious Bondage house 😉 The only clue this girl is going to give is that it was a rig she really appreciated after being in those hoof boots all day!


2 thoughts on “P is for . . .

  1. Folsom St Fair used to be a favorite place of mine to kink-people-watch. I miss the place!

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