Back to the future

A wicked wednesday post – the theme this week is the past, present and future

It’s possible you might have heard of a friend this girl has. He’s a kind of crazy and eccentric Canadian man who if it were possible would perhaps live in the kind of parallel universe portrayed in the stories he writes where people are kept in extreme bondage for long periods of time, if not indefinitely,and where machines and electronics can control every sensation experienced. A sort of realm of ultra-bondage if you like, where invention and science are far more developed than today. However, like things that were shown in Star Trek episodes of the eighties, some of his fantasies and ideas have become reality since they first were drawn on a piece of paper or talked about in mad conversations. One such doodle is below….



JG tells us a little of the history of the harness shown in this little sketch on his website here, describing it very much as a work in progress and personal labour of love and  much blood,sweat and tears. The idea of the harness is that it allows the wearer to be bound intricately or even suspended whilst all manner of weird things might happen to them, though the harness itself is also suitable for human pony type play. Grimly had been aware of the creature harness for a long time before this girl knew of its existence, and the iconic set of videos ‘pony girls at the ranch’ featuring JG in a menacing black hat is one of Grimly’s inspirations. Somewhere they’ll exist in better quality, but this girl found some clips of the video on Sir Jeff’s pony girls website – the set of  eight download links at the top of the page. Incidentally, Sir Jeff’s website is a great resource for all things pony play.

Anyway, JG made contact with Grimly via (the now pretty defunct) flickr and got talking about these kind of futuristic and complex bondage ideas to the point where some weird way other this girl and Grimly landed an invite over for this girl to try it. It’s possibly safe to have bragging rights in that this girl must surely be the only person to have been in the creature the week of her engagement and the week of her honeymoon as both a rider and a rigger. LOL.

This girl has written before about her experiences in the creature, so this is just really a recap in essence. The first time was scary as hell!TCTG1

This girl thought she would know what to expect, having played with heavy bondage, electricity and suspension before, however none of that really prepared her for it’s onslaught! It is exactly that, an onslaught and sensation overload, the harness doing the job of stopping her from preventing any resistance whilst her pussy, ass and breasts were electrocuted and her breasts pulsated with suction, at the same time as her breathing being restricted and limited with a bubbler bottle whilst her whole body was being bounced and shaken about on garage springs! After the first time this girl was kind of shell shocked at the whole thing and rather shaken, but in a kind of good way you know? Although she felt rather fragile for a while after! She’s pleased though that she had another go of it that first trip as second time around her expectations were more accurate! See what she means about it looking like something out of a sci-fi film?SONY DSC

The individual thing though that was the most erotic thing for this girl was the look on Grimly’s face, how he could look evil and yet happy at the same time having realised his fantasy of doing such despicable things to (he claims) the girl of his dreams 😉SONY DSC
Then, two years later, Grimly did the same thing again to his wife….demented pervert that he is….


Though having said that perhaps that is a case of pot kettle black, as this girl did not shy away from the opportunity to torment JG back! It was a pretty amazing experience watching that twisted git stew in the juices of his own creation. Just desserts they call it apparently !


The creature and the harness specifically is something that is instantly recognisable by gear heads all over the world as perhaps almost one of the ‘holy grails’ of things they’d like to experience and lust after and whilst this girl is fortunate to be amongst the very few that have tried it out she values the friendships wanting to ‘go there and try that’ have brought her even more greatly.TGTC7

As for the future, will this girl get another ride? Well, it is quite possible since she and Grimly hope to visit JG and his wife again in the next year or two, but for the meantime the next step in this journey is to make this kind of experience more available to people in other parts of the world who might want to use the harness as a base for their own explorations.

As such and with JG’s blessing, Grimly has made a version of the harness for sale, and you can see it on he and J’s website. The picture below shows JG with the other brains behind Locked for Infinity Jlatex 🙂 It will be interesting to see where in the world these harnesses end up and how people might adapt the bondage possibilities with it for their own amusement. It’ll also be interesting to see what other ideas for accessories Grimly will come up with!  This girl is sure that when Grimly first saw the harness that he never imagined he would be making a version of it himself for the enjoyment of other gear heads but then it can be strange how things come to pass  🙂 Oh and to anyone who was wondering if JG is OK of late, this picture below was taken just a couple of weeks ago when he visited Scotland!

If nothing else perhaps this story will show that ideas that are perhaps just in the head or a scribble can come to life in ways that you might think impossible, it just sometimes takes a bit of time, patience, learning and damn good friends to share the creative process and ultimate journey with.

locked for infinity

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7 thoughts on “Back to the future

  1. I notice that the website hasn’t been updated in quite sometime. I have been a long time and excited follower of his and absolutely love his creation of The Creature Machine. I would love to experience it’s embrace and power. Anyway…I have been concerned for some time that we might have lost one of the greats of my realm of interest. Can you tell us if he is indeed okay and perhaps let him know, if you can, that he is missed and that we hope he will come back to visit us again on his site?

  2. DVO he’s absolutely fine and stayed with us last month for a few days during which the picture above was taken. I think he just got fed up updating the site but he’s had two more books published recently and some adventures with the gorgeous Anna Rose that I think will appear on her website soon if they are not on there already. He’s on fetlife as well

    i’m sure he’ll update his site again soon though 🙂

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