O is for . . .

The bondage alphabet continues!

To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – ABCDEFG ,HIJ,K ,LM and N

O is for orgasm overload and technically also for open-breasted catsuit and open faced hood (not that you can see the hood with the mask on top!)


Grimly strapped this girl into the chair and added two internal electrodes, breast suction cups and an open faced sabre mask. Grimly has  a few other sabre masks that have been modified – one to include video goggles and another to include a ‘brainwashing mask’ with flashing led lights . However, this time Grimly wanted to see this girl’s reactions!  The mask itself forms part of the bondage as the clips attach to the back of the chair. Everything is controlled from the chair, the electricity, the suction and the air supply to the mask. Grimly was also kind enough to use an eroscillator even though it begins with E as does the Erostek312 that the electrodes were plugged in to, but given these things combined leads to orgasm overload it seemed his best option! Certainly this girl was not complaining!

It’s a while since this girl and Grimly used the chair so it was fun to get to use it again. Grimly also added some poppers to the end of the breathing tube which made this girl’s head rush as he forced her to orgasm over and over and over again!


5 thoughts on “O is for . . .

  1. That second photo is fantastic. Looks like those suction cups were made-to-measure!! It’s great to see thisgirl in heavy bondage again! Thanks for the great post.

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