Pieces of eight


At the weekend this girl’s weblog was eight! Unfortunately, this girl totally forgot. Well, at least until now! Thank you especially to those readers who have been along for the journey either from the beginning or for a long time:)

This girl hasn’t blogged a lot so far this year, whilst last year was a lot of chaos and drama this year so far has been a lot better so far for this girl and Grimly but not that kink filled YET. It’s been a  year of trying out new things and trying new ideas with the work related aspects of life and that is gradually getting this girl and Grimly to a place where kink can be enjoyed at the same velocity as in the past.

It’s really difficult sometimes to get kinky when there is so much to live up to in the sense of making it as mind blowing as previous times for each other and to an extent to those who might look at pictures of it  😉

However, whilst this girl and Grimly haven’t played so much lately this girl’s alter-ego has been having quite a bit of fun. This girl has found it hard recently to want to write about her dom side here since it just doesn’t feel as though it fits the purpose of this blog so much, but if you want to keep track of this girl’s adventures as Mrs Feendish please add this fetlife profile.

here’s some pictures as a taste of what she’s been up to with a certain trussed up young lady….. enjoy 😉

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16/06/2014 - Pieces of eight

16/06/2014 – Pieces of eight




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