Time for some TLC!

Regular followers will know that most of the latex this girl and Grimly have has been made by their friend TLCDesigins and that the quality is second to none. You can now own some of his creations yourself by checking out his page on lockedforinfinity.

The items for sale at the moment include the butterfly straight jacket (0.7mm) this girl modelled whilst visiting the  Serious Bondage  house and a selection of hoods, so please check out whats on offer! (shown with this girl’s own red skirt and top over it )


2 thoughts on “Time for some TLC!

  1. We don’t play online a fraction of what we used to; however, I see Grimly still loves his beautiful woman ( although overhead bracket is a tad OTT though – lol ) properly secured…….keep up the good work and good luck with your venture 🙂

    KC of England

  2. Love how those leather straps criss cross your lovely face….yeah for pretty face bondage!

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