Business as usual?

Just a quick update, for those of who have asked, this girl and Grimly are fine just a lot of concentration this last few months  has been on launching Lockedforinfinity – there will be an exciting update on some new products there in the next few days so watch this space! Also the website now works outwith the uk as well 😉

In other news, this girl has a new job starting soon (after going through a few weeks of various interviews etc)  so another reason why the blog has been neglected, sometimes life has to take a different focus.

Hopefully it will be a change for the good that will give a better kink/work/family/general life balance given its better hours and hopefully more interesting!

Please stay tuned, it will get more interesting here in the near future! 😉

5 thoughts on “Business as usual?

  1. Here’s wishing you and Grimly great success with both of your endeavours. Thank you for your lovely blog, too.

  2. Glad to here you are both well! Good luck with the new job hope its better than your last one.

  3. Pleased to read that things are OK with you. Really missing your great posts.
    Wishing you every success in your new job and the business venture.
    x Sophie Morcel

  4. OK, staying tuned, good luck with the new job and of course the business as well. Greetings from Belgium 🙂

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