N is also for . . .

Neoprene! These pictures were taken when this girl’s friend Johnmik visited in October. They are the last pictures of that 24 hour bondage gear fest lol.

The hood is one this girl and Grimly already had, but John had brought the sleepsack over with him.

Neoprene is an interesting material for bondage because its a lot like rubber but it is more flexible and forgiving in some ways. Though it smells like wetsuits!



This girl still prefers leather and rubber but neoprene was interesting to try for a change and she’d like to eventually get her hands on some more of it!

6 thoughts on “N is also for . . .

  1. If neoprene works for you fantastic. To me neoprene is used for diving and canoeing and that adds up to nil in kink

  2. Not only is it great for bondage, the right thickness, softness and flexibility also makes an awesome flogger.
    There is one flogger that, I have felt and used, made of neoprene. When weilded at full strength made a horrendous noise but left virtually no marks. On the recieving end (and full strength) it felt like nothing more than a gentle caress of a suede flogger. It produced the most interesting feelings and was very arousing for women. It could be used to flog most parts of the body without harm. Obviously certain areas (for example around the kidneys) are best left alone.

  3. interesting , i’ve never seen a flogger of it, will need to watch out for that ! 🙂 Just ordered a neoprene swimming costume though for my holiday LOL

  4. Interesting Neoprene Fact: It was the Ameriican Contact Dermatitis Societies Allergen of the Year 2009. I have a lot less rouple with it than latex. I think I ‘ll stick to it for watersports of kayak variety.

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