N is for . . .

The bondage alphabet continues!

To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – ABCDEFG ,HIJ,K ,L and M.

N is for nose hooks (two lots of!), nipple clamps and neck corset.

The chains form the nipples and the nose are both attached to the same suspension bar making the situation a bit of a predicament since if this girl moved her head it pulled more on her nipples. Ouch!


Nose hook clamp style- Axsmar / Second hook by Grimly
Neck corset/corset – Leatherotics – straps added by Grimly
Nipple clamps – Mchurt

8 thoughts on “N is for . . .

  1. Nasty comes to mind as well. Sneezing ( and the introduction of sneezing or itching powder) would really make for some ouchies!

  2. Neck corset neck corset neck corset!!!! Cause we all know how much you lurve them 🙂 Personally I think they rock, that and the fact that you look fabulous in them.

  3. What a photo full of kink and the thing what makes it stand out for me is. Your lipstick ,so hot Im just a wreck looking at it😜

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