Blessing in disguise

A question asked by email during this months question and answer session :-

“In real life do people ever recognise you from your blog?”

It is unusual for this to happen. This girl is not ‘out’ publically and looks pretty ‘normal’ day to day.

Whilst it’s not completely impossible for her to wear latex in public or do some sort of covert kink (i.e under clothes or in secluded woodland) it is not usual for her to act like that in her local area where that would be any likelihood of work colleagues or family around.

This girl and Grimly do have a lot of friends and fans (if that is the right word?) across the world and so its possible they might cross her path when she is not expecting it.

So far the only times this has happened are instances where Grimly and this girl have been at a fetish club in another city and someone introduces themselves and recognizes her. Also Grimly and this girl bumped into quite a few people during the Folsom street weekend they were at in 2011 that recognized them. Though, having said that a lot of those people would have known they were going to be there. To be honest she doesn’t see herself as someone who should be famous not when compared to the likes of Anna Rose or Puppett or any of these people who are more widely known for their fetish modelling. At the end of the day this girl is just someone whose husband ties her up.

This girl hasn’t had any ‘randoms’ off the street recognize her. To be honest she is quite relieved about that! She’s quite happy to be loud and proud about her kinks when she’s actively participating in them i.e if she’s wearing rubber at the time perhaps, or at a fetish club, or at a munch. However if she was going round the shops with her mum or on her lunch break from work she wouldn’t feel the same way about it. She would hope that if anyone did recognize her in a non kink context they would be subtle about introducing themselves!

This girl likes that bdsm gets her a lot of her attention but she likes to be able to separate it from the rest of life as well when its right to do so. It’s nice sometimes to be the quiet plain jane that no one notices to be able to then turn that around at times.

Maybe its greedy but this girl doesn’t want a completely kinky life, nor a completely vanilla one just somewhere in between is nice thanks 🙂

8 thoughts on “Blessing in disguise

  1. So what is wrong with you wanting to not necessarily be noticed in public? In your kink side of life you have a large audience but one that is selective in what they like such as you. YOU ARE NORMAL for what it’s worth and I applaud you for being open about your feelings.
    Thanks, Bill D.

  2. Bill I never said anything was wrong thanks for your comment though 🙂

    Stevie I didn’t mean I mind people recognising me at events and knowing who I am if they make friends with me I meant more that I am happy not to be spotted when in a vanilla setting hope that makes sense I know I don’t always lol

  3. still not what I meant in my post…I meant when its someone i’ve not arranged to meet…a stranger

    never mind
    you can’t help being blonde :p


  4. What you say and want makes perfect sense as i think this approach applies to most of us kinksters out there as this way, one gets the best of both worlds……able to fully enjoy your kink with others of similar kink bents, without messing up all those relations in your vanilla life who would not understand and its not of their business anyways.

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