A man of few words

As part of question and Answer Month Tim asked some questions. The answers have been written by Grimly.

Tim said :-

I’ll toss a few into the ring since Grimly doesn’t usually write posts here.
How much forethought goes into his sessions with you?

About ten minutes. I make it up as I go along ! 😉

Are sessions usually impromptu, or does he like to have a plan of attack worked out prior to even starting?

In view of the previous answer, impromptu.

Are there sessions that are long term training for example a greater tolerance, or geared to be a follow up from a previous experience?

No that sounds like far too much hard work!

What is he keyed into during an intense session with you, especially when you are totally immobilized?.

Reading the latest Terry Pratchett book normally.

What is he feeling while he is making you feel things in a controlled way?


It would be great at one point to do a he said she said recap of a session to hear the inner thoughts of both of you as each layer and item is added or turned on.

Again sounds like too much hard work! I leave the writing to this girl. I like tying not typing despite what she might say! 😉

One thought on “A man of few words

  1. Grimly- Just about what I would expect from you.Short, Sweet, Sarcastic, and Smug, but enough about your stature and personality LOL

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