About the boy

As part of Question & Answer month Carlgat asked :

Does Grimly ever want to be “this boy” to Ms. Grimly?

The short answer is quite simply no. LOL

Grimly has switched in the past with other people and was initially sub when he first discovered bdsm which was maybe sometime in the eighties or so. He doesn’t want to sub to Mrs Feendish though since whilst some people are happy switching with each other it doesn’t work that way in this girl and Grimly’s relationship. This girl has very very rarely felt as though she wanted to dom someone she had subbed to or vice versa that matter. Certainly, as far as Grimly is concerned she views her relationship with him in certain ways, and that way would just be odd. There’s certain things that work right now with the chemistry and balance of the relationship and it would just turn it about too much. Besides, this girl really has no interest in domming him. Well apart from anything else he would be too critical and also a brat.

She doesn’t have a problem with him being tied up by someone else if there is someone out there he is compatible with it just seems rather unlikely and would need to be someone who was on a par with someone like Amanda Wildefyre i.e. a total gearhead.

This girl has always said that most people are switches. It is just a matter of to what extent. For instance this girl’s preference is about 70% to be on the receiving end, but the other 30% likes a look in. Grimly might be something like 90% dom, and just has that 10% curiosity. Isn’t everyone just hedonists at the end of the day anyway?

This girl thinks a lot of good doms learn from being on the receiving end. How do you know what it feels like if you haven’t tried?

2 thoughts on “About the boy

  1. Grimly and I are of the same mind, although I don’t really want to be a dom. Amanda Wildefyre has given me the best of kink, is a highly talented, lady with great integrity; one of the nicest people I know.

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