All that glistens is not gold

As part of March Q&A month Mr Morningstar asked :-

This ones for both of you, what’s the one thing you’ve tried and thought afterward or during “nope, never again this is just not for me!”

There is only one thing this girl can think of, and that is watersports.

She’s probably written about this before somewhere though its likely to have been a long time ago!

This girl hasn’t done any sort of piss play with Grimly, it not being a kink of his, but it was a fantasy of her ex dom’s. Just for the record, It is not a kink of this girl’s either!

This girl was not really wanting to try watersports but her ex was quite insistent that she should since she was ‘not really submissive if she didn’t do things she didn’t like that he did’. Perhaps some D/s couples will find some truth in that statement that they want to follow, but for this girl kink should be about fun and compatibility and honouring limits where not doing so would cause emotional harm. Pushing limits is one thing, but breaking them or not caring about them is something else all together.

Anyway, he kept on at her and on at her until she would do it. Perhaps if he’d been more considerate or built up to it by maybe just pissing on her instead of making her drink it right away it might have felt different, but he didn’t.

It sounds (and was) really lazy but his intention was that she be trained so that if he wanted to pee in the night he didn’t get out of bed and that she should be grateful for anything from his cock (cringe) Again, this girl is quite sure that for some relationships this kind of idea might work, but unfortunately, not for her. She has a need for D/s to be caring and compassionate as well as strict and firm and controlling, but that, just wasn’t what she ever needed or desired.

He forced her onto her knees in the shower and then pissed in her mouth. Not caring at all how she felt about it, or whether it was too much. This girl hated it. It felt, and was, abusive. It wasn’t part of a loving happy relationship but part of something where she was in fear of disappointing him and he was just a bully!

This girl sort of understood what the fuss of this kink is about. She got some sort of buzz from the humiliation, but it didn’t compensate for actually how degraded or abused she felt or just really how gross she found it.

Maybe another way she would have liked it , though, really she knows that kind of activity just isn’t for her. The things that made it ick easily outweighed the things that made it sexy.

Sometimes you just know if something is a limit and sometimes you don’t even need to try to know that. It just sort of well, crosses a line. That did.

Fortunately it’s not a kink Grimly indulges in either so it’s not a discussion point now even.

As for whether Grimly has tried anything he doesn’t like, well, he would answer that question but he’s been feeling a bit ropey lately 😉

3 thoughts on “All that glistens is not gold

  1. I’ve never let Mrs KC tie me up ( I’m a wimp and don’t trust her after all I’ve done to her – lol !)……. I’m almost sure Grimly is like minded as me; have you ever discussed/tied him up ?

  2. Ah, thanks for sharing. I had an ex that wanted to try it really badly, it doesnt float my boat one jot.
    Strangley she never ever mentioned it again after I finally bowed to her demand and let her have a full does of my first morning pee full in the face whilst she knealt in the bath, dark and strong.

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