Ask no questions I’ll tell no lies!

March is question and answer month.

 Does anyone have any questions for this girl? or for Grimly for that matter?

 If so, leave a comment or send an email :)


This girl is gradually working on replies, but please post here if you want to ask a question!

18 thoughts on “Ask no questions I’ll tell no lies!

  1. This ones for both of you, what’s the one thing you’ve tried and thought afterward or during “nope, never agian this is just not for me!”

  2. Well, I’ll gladly take the oppertunity to ask a two questions 🙂

    How do you beginn a Session and who initiates ist? From my relationship I know that it can be a struggle. Both must have the time, must be in the mood, should have a “free mind” (no stuff to worry about or to take care of that constantly goes around in your mind).

    My second question might be a little more intimate 😉
    How does sex and kink play together for you? Or to rephrase the question does each of your session and with one (or both) of you having orgasms and be sexually relieved?
    Or is the kink itself satisfying enough for you?

    Thanks for your gread blog, looking forward to reading more.
    Greetings from Germany

  3. Nice questions so far. I would like to add one.
    Does Grimly ever want to be “this boy” to Ms. Grimly?

  4. An easy one or two. You haven’t been posting much in the last few weeks. Are you OK? And how much time do you think the average post takes you to write?

    Thanks for the entertainment and education. We appreciate it.

  5. I’ll toss a few into the ring since Grimly doesn’t usually write posts here.
    How much forethought goes into his sessions with you?
    Are sessions usually impromptu, or does he like to have a plan of attack worked out prior to even starting?
    Are there sessions that are long term training for example a greater tolerance, or geared to be a follow up from a previous experience?
    What is he keyed into during an intense session with you, especially when you are totally immobilized?.
    What is he feeling while he is making you feel things in a controlled way?

    It would be great at one point to do a he said she said recap of a session to hear the inner thoughts of both of you as each layer and item is added or turned on.

  6. When do I get my invite north of the border to try out the brainwashing chair?

    on a more serious note, do you two have a safe word, and if so, have you ever needed to use it with Grimly?

  7. You say you aren’t into self-bondage but have you ever thought of dressing up and then tying yourself up for Grimly to find when he comes home?

  8. To date i’ve answered Mr Morningstar’s , Sven’s, and carl gat’s questions hope you have enjoyed these answers!

    Sophie, I can’t make a blog out of your question since its a short answer. We are completely ok just busy ‘away from the computer’. We’ve also not played a lot lately so I don’t have pictures to post as a result of how busy we’ve been. Hopeflly that will change soon.

    Posts take me on average about 30 minutes to write. Some of them take longer, it just really depends on whether what I want to say is ready in my head as I can type almost as quick as I can think so if the thoughts are in a logical order it doesn’t take long…just quite often they are not!

    More answers to follow soon….

  9. Not that I would really want it, but I’d probably only get what I deserve from Ms. Feindish whacking my cheeks. From Grimly I only get cheeky. 😉

  10. Kenny, answered half your question now as well. As for how I prefer my playthings as a sub i’m probably more the struggling kind, but as a domme i prefer the submissive kind can’t abide the hassle LOL

    blueeyedtawni, i’ve never tried fire play i’m not sure it would really be our thing.

    Alex, no. Our dynamic works because he likes tying me up I like him tying me up it would spoil the fun for both of us lol

  11. Great idea for this month of green and hopefully approaching spring!?

    My question is that in being a bondage slut myself, is how long Mr. G. has kept you tied up/restrained/ in bondage for an extended period?……i know you have said in a prior post that you weren’t really into measuring time in for such things, but still inquiring minds are interested.:)… sense is that sometimes your sessions extend over the course of a weekend or least used to when you guys had more free time…..

  12. Do you feel that your Domme side is overtaking your sub side or is it something that will stay somewhere in the middle? Is one pulling you more than the other?

    pup x

  13. These two questions are both ones that are quite easy and simple to answer.

    Westfalen, we don’t really have much opportunity to do extended bondage, an average session for us is usually 2-4 hours sometimes less or more dependant on what it is exactly. When we were living apart we had more different sessions with just meals inbetween i suppose but its different being in a marriage and living together there’s always other things that need to be done too .

    tp, no I don’t think so, I’ve always been both. I was dom to two different people before I met Grimly. I think physcially I probably prefer being on the receiving end especially when it comes to bondage, rubber, electrics, sensory deprivation, but i think psychologically my preference is to be in control and the sadist since i enjoy the cerebral pleasure of that as much as i enjoy the physical pleasure of being on the receiving end. Just greedy I suppose.

    i don’t have any inclination really to be sub/masochist/bottom to anyone other than Grimly , I could never give that up, but at the same time I’m not sure I could give up beating or tying up the occasional lady 😉

  14. Thanks for your answer as having experienced marriage once myself, i understand what you say about other relationship things taking priority in it often times.

    That is interesting how you differentiate between enjoying your masochism physically in a submissive way, while mentally and psychologically enjoying being the top/sadist in things…..i can understand that also having been a life long sub maso who also enjoys the occasional topping:)

    Since it is still March, have you ever given any thought as to why you enjoy sub-maso-ing to a male, Mr. G., while also enjoying topping femmes-??….just curious.

  15. i could write a lengthy post in answer to this, but it would be a convulated round about way of saying

    i like it like that.


    Q&A month now closed


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