J is for . . .

The bondage alphabet continues!

To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – ABCDEFG ,H and I.

Of course, this girl and Grimly *could* have chosen to do Japanese rope bondage for J, but if you’re a regular reader here you will know there was never going to be any chance of that! Oh no!

J is for JG Leathers of course in jeopardy and getting his just desserts as the juice is turned up.

Payback is fun…tee hee hee!

Jealous? 😉


7 thoughts on “J is for . . .

  1. Wait…WHO is that getting his just desserts? It couldn’t possibly be….?????

  2. Hi!
    It was odd that JGL hadn’t updated his site for a while but as he’s here I assume he hasn’t come to harm in one of his contraptions!

  3. Fr, its Mr JG Leathers – just for anyone who doesn’t know who that is http://jg-leathers.com

    stevie, he seemed ‘reasonably’ happy lol

    kenny,you say that but i know you’d scream like a baby 😛

    clique2, he’s fine, I just think he’s got fed up with updating the website especially after a health scare and Gord’s death who was one of his best friends. He’s still updating his fetlife every now and again, but he’s OK.. Even after being tortured by me! lol . This picture was taken in September but he’s still not complained of any side effects to the treatment!

  4. Looks like you are having a chance to live out your evil torture scientist dreams from the Top side now!……and with someone as victim who apparently did the same to you in Canada a while back……revenge is best served in leather or latex with him strapped down—lovely fun:)

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