F is for . . .

Returning to the alphabet, F is of course for FRIDAY! 😉

To recap – the previous letters of the bondage alphabet are here – A, B, C, D and E

F in Grimly and this girl’s kinky alphabet stands for fuck machine and fetters given this girl is strapped down so tightly and then subjected to the mechanics of the machine.

The fuck machine is home made from a windscreen wiper motor but it works very well 😉


It is a while since Grimly used the fuck machine on this girl and she had forgotten how much fun it is. It seemed more intense with being strapped down so tightly and given she  was also wearing the studio gum system hood so couldn’t see , hear or speak at all.

10 thoughts on “F is for . . .

  1. Either Grimly was using whipped cream, or you were quite excited when this picture was taken

  2. Superb. My technophilia may be getting the better of me, but Grimly’s devices are as interesting to see and read about as your adventures with them. At least – I believe that’s one he built?

    I look forward to future updates, and thank you for these marvellous insights into your life 🙂

  3. Ha! This has just distracted me from watching Splash (ok , ok…I know Splash is truly awful but we all have our guilty pleasures and clearly I only have one eye on it- the other was on you!!)
    I have eyed up Fuck Machines on Extreme Restraints from time to time but then get all flustered about where I would keep it and also the possibility of having to collect it from customs and the paranoia of them knowing what it was! I need to be more brave!!
    However TG you have no such worries as yours is homemade, cool!!
    Love C xxx

  4. I’m sure customs have seen all sorts of things C, and I’m sure they are more worried about drugs and stuff like that than harmless old kink stuff 😉 Seriously though you should try one its fun! 🙂

  5. TG!
    I think you should use your kink knowledge and passion for the good of womankind and set up some workshops for women wanting to embrace their inner kink!
    You’d be perfect!! You could do confidence building, toys, ideas for games etc?!
    I’m sure there is a gap in the market!??
    Love C xxx

  6. Hi,
    I genuinely love the contradiction there TG!
    Oh well if you ever change your mind I would be happy to help with the planning and events aspect!
    Love C xx

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