Swing into high gear

This girl was lucky to try the straight-jacket-sleep-sack in other combinations when Johnmik was here. This included being suspended horizontally which was much more comfortable than the ship-like position!


This girl and Grimly don’t do horizontal suspension very often since it is quite fiddly and time-consuming to rig.  However in the straightjacket sack it was extremely comfortable and relaxing and worth the effort required to get the angles and balance right. This girl could have stayed like that for absolutely hours! Though she didn’t have much choice in that given there were so many other straight jackets and bits of bondage gear to play with that day.

Maybe one of these days she’ll get to try this again when there are fewer time restraints  😉

One thought on “Swing into high gear

  1. Actually looks like a good place to zone out after a heavy session……snooze away in post play sub space:)

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