This girl still has pictures left over from Johnmik’s visit in October! These pictures show this girl suspended in a Fetters straight jacket-sleepsack.

This wasn’t the most comfortable position for suspension but it was exciting and fun 🙂


The pictures made this girl think of how a figurehead is on the prow of a ship. To be attached like that to a real historic sailing ship is one of this girl’s more bizarre and unlikely fantasies. So, this will just have to do for now!


10 thoughts on “Ship-shape

  1. Ooooo! Now that’s a great idea! Of course if it were for real, and I were responsible, I’d put you in a bright yellow latex zentai suit first, then red latex corset and bondage the rest of the way. Maybe have head held up by braided hair? Red ballet boots attached to the prow? And arms back in strappado position. Yummeeee!

  2. Love the photos. If you want i can help with your fantasy, I am the proud owner of 2 canoes that are looking for figureheads.

  3. As I am currently looking for a yacht (a Mirage 28 if anyone is remotely interested) this may happen for real

  4. I remember seeing a wonderful collection of figureheads at the national maritime museum in Greenwich. For me the best ones were in brightly coloured dresses, maybe crinolines with acres of bust showing and long hair and of course beautiful faces. Maybe Grimley could make a corset / sling like structure to support your torso under a dress to do it for real with your lovely hair blowing in the breeze. Now that would be something worth driving 500 miles to see.

  5. For Grimly If you get one of them you are a lucky man. I used to do a lot of sailing but then I got into water skiing, but had to give it up due to an accident.

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