A bite of the cherry

This girl and Grimly like to share their fantasies and equipment with like minded friends on occasion, since it brings a great deal of pleasure being able to facilitate and make people happy. Obviously this girl and Grimly have to enjoy it too and there to be a least some chemistry. For this girl that usually means it has to involve a beautiful woman, and luckily for her she has lots of gorgeous and kinky friends!

This girl and Grimly made good friends with a local couple over the last year – Cherry Bakewell and Arthur Dent. They are a married male Dom/female sub couple into bondage and latex and many other fetishes.

Cherry and Arthur came for a visit between Christmas and the new year and a bit of fun was had trying on and experimenting with various bondage gear in the playroom.

Recently this girl has acquired an armbinder dress and was convinced it would look good on Cherry. This girl has tried one of these dresses before courtesy of Captive Kink – pictures can be seen in this post here. Luckily this girl recently found someone selling this one on Ebay in her size so just had to get it – it would have been rude not to right?

As it turns out it is also Cherry’s size as well and this girl thinks it looks very nice in these photos. Cherry had never tried ballet boots either so it seemed a good combination.


Cherry definitely seemed very happy in her bondage and this girl thinks the fun of the play shows through quite clearly. Who says bondage and bdsm always has to be about pain?


Having said that, Cherry started to pout a bit  when Grimly and Arthur decided it would be fun to spank her and torment her in her predicament. If looks could kill then its a good job she was still tied up!


Obviously the only way to deal with such behaviour is  more bondage wouldn’t you agree?


8 thoughts on “A bite of the cherry

  1. Great post 🙂 I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms, we were so spoiled during advent with a daily dose!

  2. I’ve always had fantasys involving red heads. Perfect medicine, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  3. Wow! Love the combination of your armbinder dress with ballet boots, makes it even harder to stand or move! I don’t have any experience with nose hooks, but I would like to try them. Thank you for the wonderful post!

    If you would like to see some of my pictures, check out my Fashion & Lifestyle blog @ http://madeloncutie.wordpress.com. Lots of xxxxxxxx’s, madelon

  4. Hey! I’ve got that same dress for my girl! She loved it and it’s SOOOOOO pretty on her.

  5. Love this post!!
    Looks really good fun which is what it ‘s all about?! I hope Grimly and Arthur know how lucky there are?! ( am sure they do!)
    Lots of love,
    C xxx

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