Sit ups?

This girl has bought quite a few items of latex and kinky clothing lately. Too much actually to the point where she is beginning to think that spending money on kink is getting to be a bit of an addictive habit that she needs to cut back on especially it being January and the expense of Christmas just having been!

Anyway, this girl really wanted to get some more smoky latex. Especially after seeing a really hot scene with new friends Keeliin & DrAnimal at Exodus during the Birmingham fetish weekend in November which involved DrAnimal dressed in a smoky leotard and hood and really cute shoes whilst tormenting Keeliin who was bound in latex into a wheelchair. This girl and Grimly are hoping they perhaps come north of the border for a visit sometime 🙂

This girl already had a smoky latex hood, made by her friend TLCDesigns and happened across a new leotard via Ebay with this seller. The quality is good and this girl is very happy with it.

In these pictures this girl is also wearing the steel collar and cuffs made by her Canadian friend and deviant engineer, Henry (not online). Grimly added some steel rod to make sure that movement was restricted significantly.


Grimly moved this girl around a bit, but the resulting effect when she tried to get out of the way of him being more evil was something looking like bondage sit ups.

Well you know, it beats the gym 😉


10 thoughts on “Sit ups?

  1. Nice to see that you are making a serious effort to keep fit and lose any extra pounds gained over Christmas.

  2. Yes you may have spent a few pounds ( and euros) on the clothing, but this does make a fitting Holidays are over, time to loose a stone or two by working out your core blog. Of course in America these pounds and stones measurements are foriegn concepts. I guess we make up for it with our daft yards and rods measurements you don’t have to worry about with your metrics.

  3. Great pics….you look a bit Gord-ian if i may so, in memoriam perhaps to the great one:(

  4. Ignore them TG!! You work out looks far more exciting than how I’ve been busting my ass in the gym since Christmas!
    Hope you are well, just catching up on posts now.
    Love C xx

  5. Seeing this again and being an eternal fan of all things in kinky black, you look divine in these outfits with the fishnet hose and heels….the medieval touch just adds to your panache:)…some things are worth a splurge.

  6. So long as it results in divine kinky beauty as above, it is well spent!

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