Fat chance!

So it’s that time again, the time of making new years resolutions and trying to start a healthier regime and all that stuff!

This girl has already said that she wants this year to be a more fun-filled one, and to have more play time with Grimly and more fun with friends as well. This month is already sort of heading in the right direction with that with a girls kink night out tomorrow at a friend’s place and then Grimly and this girl have friends visiting next week 🙂

This girl has made a few vanilla new years resolutions though. One of these is to try to stop swearing or at least cut it right back. Its difficult when she has a job that causes her to vent frustration a lot, but so far this year she has sworn very little so hopefully she will manage this one!

The main resolution of course, as along with probably a large proportion of the population, is that this girl wants to lose weight. At the moment she is about a stone heavier than she would like to be and has been sort of around this weight for a while. Sometimes bondage photographs aren’t flattering (due to necessary tight straps and rubber) and just make this girl keener to do something about it. Other people can say she looks fine but its just something in her head that draws her eye to the parts of the body that she hates.

Mind you, probably none of the photos that Grimly has taken recently make her look as big as this!


This is of course inflatable latex and MEANT to look like that! This girl’s friend Johnmik was happy to let her try this straightjacket when he visited in October. It feels very odd! Its sort of hard to explain what it feels like but its sort of a feeling of pressure like a tight hug but rubbery. It was also very slippy hence the state of this girl’s hair! It was good fun though.


Anyway, hopefully by posting a ‘big’ picture in January it will encourage this girl to stick to the diet! Failing that she could always try wearing the corsets she has a bit more often, no one feels like eating whilst wearing a corset!

This girl doesn’t want to lose too much weight though, she likes having curves and knows Grimly likes that too, it just one of those issues many women have of never being happy with their appearance and having confidence issues over it.

14 thoughts on “Fat chance!

  1. I love that level of constriction. Yes, a big hug! Comfy(ish), warm and comforting, while being totally restrained. What could be better? I’m with you on the bad language thing, too. Gets me in trouble all the time! 😁

  2. I think your figure is just great. As for swearing you live in Glasgow if i remember every 3rd word is a swear word there. Happy new year to you both

  3. You look like you’re enjoying life in those photos… 🙂

    I’ve wanted one of those inflatable straitjackets for aaaaages. I might have to buy one….

    As to eating while wearing a corset… yep, agree with you there… lol

  4. Carl, so far i’m doing quite well!

    keith, yep but the thing is i’m NOT glaswegian so I shouldn’t act it!

    stevie,maybe one of these days

    The Half Heard, I want one too, shame it was just on loan!

  5. Hey TG!
    Happy New Year ( I’m slightly late with this but the sentiment is very much there!)
    I have decided I like swearing, I think when used occasionally and in context it definitely adds to a conversation plus it makes me feel good. So f@@k it, I think I’ll carry on…!!
    How was the kink girls night out? Couldn’t work out if that meant it’s a night out for girls who are into kink to drink cocktails/paint nails(insert any other stereotype as to how we are supposed to enjoy ourselves when out together) or if it’s a night where you get to actually have some kink together?!
    Either way sounds pretty good and hope you had fun!
    Love C xxx

  6. Sorry that was me ( God am such a technophobe.. Assumed name would come up!!)
    C xxxx

  7. Catching up with this…..as for the weight loss goal, maybe try supplementing your diet with nuts- almonds, walnuts, pistachios……will turn what is on you into leaner muscle without feeling that you are depriving your stomach.

    Wow, lots of orange there!

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