A Review of 2013 – Part 2 of 2

continued…from yesterday’s post


This girl contributed in a few more wicked Wednesday posts, including one on the subject of crying :

“This girl has cried a lot over the years, probably most of that was at school since she hated it and was bullied. Crying never helped though with hindsight since it just seemed to encourage the bullies rather than stop them. Has being bullied and being soft as a kid affected this girl as an adult though? Damn no. She wouldn’t give the bullies the satisfaction of that!”

This girl went to a local Comicon event as Silk Spectre 2.


Whereas her dominant alter-ego Mrs Feendish got to play with toy-dolly. Both these pictures were taken during the hottest weekend there was here in Scotland and it was just too hot for latex really, though it didn’t prevent it!



Molly made a final visit to Scotland (just before moving here in September) and had some with Mrs Feendish.

“Anyway. For a change I decided to wrap her in bondage tape leaving gaps for her boobs and for her bottom so that she would be then so tightly wrapped that she wouldn’t be able to stop the exposed parts of her body being tortured – and wouldn’t be able to get away from the wand that I had taped between her legs.”


This girl and Grimly also started an ‘alphabet’ series of posts, getting as far as A for anal hook armbinder and ankle cuffs


And B for blindfold, ball gag, box, breast press, buzzy and ballet boots…



A good part of September was taken up by a visit and holiday with our friends JG Leathers and his wife. It was mostly a vanilla trip but there are still some kink pictures to share of this so watch this space. For ummm. J 😉

Anyway, molly helped us prepare for our guests by allowing herself to be tormented

“After I had chastised Molly a little with paddles and my hand I decided it would be interesting to see what effect breathing through the bubbler bottle at the same time as being caned would have on her. Usually when the bubbler bottle has been used before it’s in conjunction with rubber and electrics so to use it with leather and corporal punishment was interesting and it was sexy to hear frenzied bubbling noises instead of gasps and screams ;)

When JG and his wife arrived it coincided with this girl and Grimly’s 2nd wedding anniversary and a lovely dinner out with several of our kink-minded friends including boundinlatex and friend and  latex maker tlcdesigns.

After the Canadians left, this girl’s belgian friend, Daever arrived for a visit and it was nice that he was able to attend this girl’s first ever cabaret performance. It’s probably one of the moments of the year that this girl is most proud of.

Also this girl and Grimly got a bit further along with the alphabet – C – which is for corset, (neck) corset, clamps, clit clamps and cuffs.



This girl participated in a wicked Wednesday post about her thoughts on the internet.

“Some people say that just one bite of something can cause an addiction or desire for a certain taste or flavour to be repeated, and this girl was like that with kink, especially in relation to the internet – hence this title.

A few times she has had discussions with Grimly as to whether kink was ‘better’ before the internet when people met by word of mouth, through clubs, or through contact magazines.”

This girl and Grimly had a visit from new friend Johnmik of insane girls who bought as much gear as he could carry for her to try during the course of a weekend – mostly straightjackets. This girl has started to post a few of the pictures but there are still more to follow!

Also, this girl got as far as working out how to deal with D – dolly in the diaper position with dilos, a drinking gag and just diabolical torments.



This girl posted some more of the photos that were taken during Johnmik’s visit.

“Having said that, this girl is seriously behind with what kinky stuff she has to share with you, starting with these photos of some more straightjacket fun with her friend Johnmik who visited recently. Sometimes photos tell their own story”

Including this one of a black and white straightjacket.

November also saw love our lurkers day on which this girl got some lovely comments – Thank You!


This girl posted her kinky advent calendar/tour of the playroom. Though also this month, this girl’s domme side got to be mean to a lovely couple Goldilocks and DespicableC

Though perhaps the highlight of this month was molly performing at Cabaresque.

This girl and Grimly also got to ‘E‘. Though the alphabet sort of has fallen by the wayside, it will return! E was for Eroscillator, electrics and ECG!

2013 was a pretty awful year for this girl and Grimly given family events which sort of took over a lot of other things that she and Grimly wanted to do this year. However having said that from writing this review it’s reminded this girl what wonderful friends and playmates she and Grimly have. Molly especially has been a great support and helped a lot with just general things without expecting any play or kink in return and has been a true friend to both this girl and Grimly. It’s also been nice to have such lovely friends visit including JG Leathers, Johnmik, Hannah, Geetwo & Maxi and Daever not to mention local friends dropping by like toy dolly, boundinlatex, kenny and goldilocks and C, Arthur Dent & Cherry Bakewell – the later of which you will see more of soon 😉 This girl and Grimly have some really amazing friends and without them this year would have been pretty crap. Though really this year has shown this girl and Grimly have a really good marriage, sometimes when you go through bad times you realise just how strong your relationship is and this girl and Grimly have helped each other through it and to the other side.

Having said that a year with less family stress would be much desired!

In the next few months this girl’s intentions are to get to the rest of the alphabet series, and show off more new gear to you.She has bought a few new things recently so there are plans for that. This girl knows though whatever intentions she has life will probably throw a few spanners in the works – but that’s life isn’t it, and well, as her Grandma used to say, worse things happen at sea.

Really all this girl wants next year is more fun with her husband and friends, and to lose weight and gain a new job (or at least, eventually) Not a lot to ask is it?

Anyway, hoping you all have a wonderful new year and a great 2014!

Happy new year!

8 thoughts on “A Review of 2013 – Part 2 of 2

  1. .. and a Happy New Year to you both from lovely Cheshire 🙂
    Brilliant, brilliant postings re bondage all year.


  2. Love your alphabet approach to developing a new Webster’s dictionary for kink!

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